Sethji 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says to Devi. It’s Akadashi. You should fast. Devi says for whom? I haven’t seen my husband in 16 years? Sethji says you don’t only fast for family. Devi says but I feel weak from the river punishment. Sethji giggles and says its okay.
Baji comes. Sethji says come with me to arti. Devi says yes you should get used to. You will get married soon too. Baji says I will marry a woman who doesn’t speak.
A guy comes to Sethji and says a woman is there in devsu. Setji says is it the same girl? He says no no it is some poor girl. She looks in trouble.
BAji gets scared. He says thank God its not Pragati.
Sethji who are you? Why are you so worried?

Baji comes to the camp. Pragati says he is so handsome. She says I am very hungry. Baji says here

is the food. She eats and says did you get to know anything about sadarshiya? He says not for now. I asked mom but she had to go to temple.
You know what happened last night. Raghu saw your camp. When he came to I got very scared that he saw you. We have to be very careful. If someone sees you here very bad will happen.

That girl is crying. Sethji says what happened? She says I have no one in this world. I was 5 when my dad died. My dad married another woman to take care of me. My step mother forced me into marrying a man. That man tried to harm me and misuse me. So I ran from there. I came here for help. Sethji says but why you came to devsu? She says my uncle lives here. Sethji says who is he? She tells the name. Sethji says he is our doctor.
Sandhya is crying. She says uncle.. Doctor says please stay outside don’t step inside. Sandhya says I have no one in the world. Sethji asks Raghu to set the court.

Pragati says I really like your devsu. Baji says no one can stay here. If a girl wants to come here she has to marry a guy of this village. She says I have found the guy too. Baji says who? Pragati says Vithal. Baji is dazed. He says Vithal? Pragati says yeah. Is he single? A snake comes in. Pragati gets scared and hugs Baji. Baji caresses her face. The snake comes near him and bites him. Pragati gets worried. She says Bajii. Baji sits there. Pragati says are you okay? He says don’t should. Pragati shouts for help. baji says please don’t go out. Pragati goes out seeking for help. No one is there. Pragati says is there someone? Please help.

Scene 2
Sethji says we are all here. Our values don’t allow us not to let anyone from outside inside. If we help this girl with just money that won’t be fair. Whatever we decide for her will affect us all. I ask all the old people in the village to suggest me a verdict.

Yashodra says if we send her back we what will be the difference between her mom and us? Another woman says but we have taken care of our rules. A man says if a girl wants to enter devsu. We can get her married to someone here. A lot of girls came here. There are a lot people outside devsu looking for help. We can’t give everyone shelter here. It would be better if help her financially.

Pragati is crying. She says Baji no one is outside. Please save my baji God. She ties a cloth with his foot. She sucks the venom out of his body. Pragati says nothing would happen to you.
She feels like fainting herself. Baji is partially unconsciousness too. Pragati keeps sucking the venom. Baji opens his eyes. Pragati says baji are you fine? Thank God you are okay. Pragati faints. Baji gets worried. He says please open your eyes. You risked your life to save mine? He says I have to bring that herb. He says you stay here I am going to find that herb. He goes out and looks for the herb everywhere.
Baji finds it and comes back to Pragati. He asks her to eat that herb. He says you will be fine. Just don’t lose your consciousness. He says please don’t leave me. I won’t be able to live without you. She closes her eyes.

Sethji says so our people believe is justice and help altogether? I will decide something that is per the rules but will also help her.
A girl can only come here if she marries a guy from Devsu. I want to ask all the men here. Is there someone who would marry her and bring her inside Devsu? No one comes forward.
Sehji recalls her tears. Sethji says if none of you can help her.. Then I decide, I as Ahliya Vinayat choose Sandhya for my son Baaji. Everyone is dazed. She says I fix their marriage. My Baji is my pride and he won’t ever say no.

Precap-Baji says Pragati I love you ever since I saw you. Pragati says what rubbish. You villager people think that a girl smiles and she loves you? You fell in love with me seeing this idol right? She breaks the idol.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks Atiba for this update
    This sethji is fixed marriage to baji without asking him
    Why she is so strict ????

  2. priyadarshini

    Thanks Asana for complimenting Atiba’s effort.She deserves our compliments, she is doing a tougher job . She is translating Hindi to English and writing a big paragraph at a time and it is really a tougher job. So Atiba thank u for ur updates..

  3. priyadarshini

    Coming to episode , it was really wonderful. pragaji has an awesome chemistry. After seeing pragati’s care for baaji , I’m at cloud nine…Aww wonderful.Though sethji tried to help a poor woman she didn’t do the right thing. Like Asana I also have the concern that sethji didn’t even asked Baaji’s opinion. Everyone​ has the right to marry the person whom she/he likes. As a woman sethji did the right thing. I can’t blame both sethji and Baaji. Anyways everyones acting was good.

  4. Hi good morning to all. This episode was awesome. Especially when Pragathi cared for baji. I have no words to say so……….???.

  5. I have a doubt. Sandhiya might have some motive. Because she wiped her tears and looked intentionally. I appreciate sethji. She is a very good person. She is trying to help that poor girl (in her view). But she should have asked Baji’s opinion too. Poor Baji is going to suffer now.

  6. Yes Priya. I think I should call you all Didi.

    1. Ene di kopidavenda en cousins (2years 3years) avanga kode ene ASA than koopiduvanga
      I think I am not eldest from you I was born in 23 _6_2000
      And you???

      1. priyadarshini

        Asana then u r younger than me.

      2. Thanks asana. So nice of you.

      3. I was born in 25.08.2000

      4. I no priya
        I am the youngest child of my class and my friends

    2. priyadarshini

      My best friend also born on 2000..

  7. Asana Didi I chose commerce- Business maths group.

  8. Hello all the sethji family members
    Have a good day to you all
    Good morning????????

  9. What rubbish acting.except for sethji.

    1. priyadarshini

      According to ur view, u may be right Ruby. But we must not underestimate anyone.We are not perfect so as they are also not perfect. Every human has imperfections . Gurdeep Kohli is a well known actress so she has a very good experience in acting and of course she is nailing her each and every expressions. It doesn’t mean that others are very bad at acting. We must not discourage anyone, instead we must encourage them. Of course they can do better.
      I respect ur opinion but please don’t underestimate anyone.

      1. No dear.m sorry to say this me and millions of Indians are not paying our HD recharge bills to watch just any mediocre performance.let me tell you their are a no.of struggling actors who are way more it not Injustice to encourage mediocrity when the talented are struggling?a world where even excellence doesn’t get a chance mediocrity has no should not be encouraged.

    2. No Ruby dear. No one can get the chances easily. Everyone has their own problems. Everyone struggles in their life. Everyone of us got talent. So we should not discourage anyone. Everyone’s​ opinion and views will vary from one person to another. I respect your opinion. But instead of discouraging you can encourage them. It will definitely help them. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

      1. Kabhi did you even read Ruby’s comment?your comment is absolutely’s nowhere relevant to what Ruby said.and I personally completely agree with Ruby.a world where talent doesn’t get a chance mediocrity should have no encouragement.except for murders pink other actors have absolutely no screen presence.

  10. Ishu,Nureha and Padma where are you friends. Please try to comment regularly.

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