Sethji 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Govinda is playing with his toy horse. Sethji says why are you not asleep? He says my horse is not walking properly. Sethji says let me talk to him. She says it wants to sleep. He says I will give it to Pragati. Sethji says I will give her you go sleep.
Pragati is worried about what happened. She says I don’t want to make mistakes. I don’t know what will sethji do now. Sethji comes to room and gives her water. Sethji gives pragati water. She says sethji you. devi and bhao are peeking in.
Pragati drinks the water. She is crying and sobbing. Pragati hugs sethji. Sethji hugs her back. She caresses her head. Sethji says calm down. I know your pain. Baji told me about that letter and Sadashiv.

Devi says to bhao look how she is taking care of her. I cried for 16 years.

she never cared. Bhao says it will all be destroyed. Devi says if sethji starts trusting pragati it will create problems. Bhao says sethji loves her family but she hates her enemies more. She won’t let pragati live here when she knows pragati is nagesh’s daughter. Devi says you are right.
Sethji says I will help you. Soon we will find your father. She hugs pragati. pragati is in tears.

Scene 2
Next morning, Uttara is cooking. She recalls how pragati taught them how to use fertilizers for gas. she recalls raghu being rude to her. Govinda ignoring her. Her hand gets cut. Devi comes in and says what you did to hand. uttara says no pragati didn’t do anything. Devi says what? uttar says no I mean she isn’t cutting the vegs. Devi says I understand your pain. You take care of everyone. Pragati gets all the appreciation. Devi says to uttar if we unite we can teach pragati a lesson. For you I can do this. Uttara says that means I can have my place? Devi says yes. I am with you.

Baji thinks what pragati told him. He is angry. Ganesh comes to him and says I had been looking for you. He says didn’t it work out? Baji says leave me alone Pragati makes a mistake everytime. Ganesh says you will keep fighting until wedding night happens. Pragati sends some kids ther to paly with baji. She plays with them. She smiles from behind the tree and says it was a good idea. Baji’s mood is uplifted at least.

Scene 3
Ambi comes to meet gauri. He says your phone was off. She says I don’t know why it turned off. He turns it on. She says wow it shines again. you are a genius. He says why are you sitting so away. Come close. He hugs her. Devi sees then aand says what a scene. Pragati should see this.
she goes back to pragati and says lets look for those leaves. It is on that big tree.
pragai goes in that direction. Garui goes in another direction with ambi. Devi says how should I divert Pragati therre. She sends pragati is that direction. Ambi comes close to Garui. She says do all this after marriage. He says thats how it works in devsu? sShe says yes. Gauri goes back home. Devi says shit they are gone.

Precap-Gauri hugs ambi. pragati sees him.
She shouts gauri. Now I know why you are lost from home all day. Bhao says to devi our work is done. Sethji asks people in devsu if they know about sadashiv. Bhao says I have heard that name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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