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Sethji 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baji comes to room. Pragati says what did mom say? He says your mom gave you a letter. Do you have it? Pragti says yes why? He says mon has asked for it. Pragati says wow. She opens her bag to take it out. Pragati gives the letter to him. Something from her bag falls with it. Baji says tell me what she said? He says I will tell you later.
Sethji reads the letter. Baji says the letter says Sadarshiv knows who her father is. She came here to find sadarshiv. Do you know any such man? Sethji says no I know every single person here. I never met Sadarshiv. Baji says so will we never be able to find her dad? Sethji says we will find her the answers. I will help her. It is our responsibility. Baji says this will make her so happy.

Sethji says if Pragati’s birth is related to devsu

then why I don’t know about it. She was born before the sealing of devsu’s borders. After that only two people stepped out of devsu. Your father and.. She stops there.

Pragati sees her card that she made for her friends so they can wish their fathers. They told her your drawing is so nice. Please make cards for our dads/ Pragati makes them cards. They say thank you. Pragati makes another father’s day card. Her friend says what is this card for? You don’t have father and you don’t even know his name.
Pragati caresses the card and cries.

Sethij says we need to find this secret out. We will know who this sadarshiv is. Go to pragati she needs your support.

Scene 2
Devi comes to bhoa and says you can’t hide me. Tell me the truth. He says what would I hide from you? she syas why are you smiling then? What you know about that sadashiv? Is he from devsu? He says I won’t tell you. You don’t keep secrets. She says why did you make me wait for 16 years. You should have left me. He giggles. He says there is no such man. She says means? She says then why is his name written in the letter? Is sadashiv pragatu’s father. You told me nagesh is Pragati’s father. Bhao says I always say truth to you. Nagesh is sadashiv.
Nagesh was married. When he did this love drama with pragati’s mom he said his name is Sadashiv and he is from devsu. Devi says does nagesh know about pragati? Bhao syas no. He didn’t know his affair ended up with a daughter. I didn’t know either until I met Pragati.
Devi says do you have affairs like him too? He says no I love you only. I swear on sethji throne. She says okay then I believe you.

Scene 3
Baji comes to room and sees that Pragati is asleep on the bed. He comes close to her and caresses her face. He says you will find your dad pragati. He sleeps next to her. Baji sees bhao’s ring on the floor. Pragati wakes up and says when did you come? He says how did bhao’s rin come here. I think he dropped it here. Pragati says no he gave it to me. Bhao says he came here? Pragati says he came here to meet devi. He was so scared. I saw him and he gave me this ring as his blessing. Baji says what.. You hid such a big thing from me. How could you do this. Pragti says I will tell sethji and i will accept whatever she punishes me with. Baji says you ruin everything. We try so hard to make things better with mon but you.. You always ruin it.

Pragati is going towards Sethji’s room. devi stops her. She says I heard your conversation with Baji. Please don’t tel sethji. Think about me a bhao. Our lives are already ruined. Bhao is already weak. If sehtji throws him out nagesh will kill him. Pragati says we shouldn’t hide this anymore. Devi says please I beg you for his life. Just give me two days after that you can tell him. Pragati says okay I will stop for two days then. After that we will tell Sethji.
Pragati says in heart should I have made that promise with bhao kaka?

Precap-Sethji says to pragati baji told me about that chit and sadashiv. Bhao says to devi when sethji gets to know about pragati’s dad she will be so mad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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