Sethji 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati leaves the pooja. Devi says I am coming. Pragati is crying. Baji goes after her. He says don’t cry. She says because I don’t know what else to do. He says its okay. She says you can’t understand. This is not the first time, I am being asked this. In schools, college, friends everyone asks the same question. I don’t know have an answer. She is crying. Baji holds. She says I don’t know what to do. He says don’t be upset about it. Did anyone in devsu ask you that? Even anyone in our family? We are not like city people. We don’t judge people. She says I forgot my mission. I came here to find my dad. I had been finding him for 10 years. He says don’t blame yourself. You tried. you couldn’t find Sadarshiv. Its not your mistake. SHe says

I didn’t try to find him. But i will. So that at least I know my father’s name.

Sethji does the pooja. Sethji says in heart my heart cried seeing my kids that their father is gone. pragati doesn’t even know her farther’s know. she has so much pain in her heart. Please give her blessings.
Baji says I promise you I will help you in finding him. I regret my mistake. she says what mistake? He says I knew from day 1 but I ignored it after marriage. Now we will find him together.
Devi tells all this to Baho. Sethji does the pooja. It starts raining heavily. Bhao saays in devsu. Everyone is happy. Baji and Pragati enjoy in the rain. The kids play as well.

Scene 2
Pragati and baji come home all wet in the rain water. Their room is all decorated with petals and candles. He says I didn’t do all this. Ganesh did. I asked him not to but he didn’t listen. Ganehs comes from under the table and says okay then let me remove all this. baji says no no you did so much hardwork. Leave it all here. Ganesh leaves.
Baji says he is stupid. Pragati says I know you did all this. I am so happy that you love me. He hugs her and says God sent rain as blessing to you. Don’t ever be upset about anything. I am with you in everything. She says I know. She says let me change. Pragati goes and changes.

Sethji recalls Pragati saying she doesn’t know her father’s name. Raghu comes and says all the houses have be repaird. Sethij says I am thinking about Pragati. Sethji says she once said her mom died and she doesn’t know her father’s name. I feel so bad for herr. Raghu says we are her family. SHe is not alone. sethji says but she should know her father’s name its her right. We should help her.

Govindaa is crying. Pragati says what happened? He says feet is injured. Pragati says show me. He says not mine, my horse’s. Its a toy horse. Pragati says let me fix it. Raghu says Baji sethji has called you. Bajii comes to sethji. He says you called. Sethji says I want to ask you a few question. What you know about pragati? He says I don’t know much. Even she doesn’t know. When she came here first she was looking for her father. She had a letter that her mom gave her. It had written that her father’s village name is devsu. Sethji says cna I have that letter? Baji says I will ask pragati she would have it.

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