Sethji 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi tells Bhoa that sandhya wasn’t sandhya. Sethji was fooled. And that pragati exposed her. She brought the real Sandhya here. He says I told you there is something about that girl. She will be useful for us. i think she will be inside devsu very soon. We should always keep her on our side. We can also use her against nagesh. Devi says I am so glad she fooled that sethji. She tried stealing jewels and that trishun paper. bhao says you saw it yourself? She says yes. Do you know something about it? He recalls Vinayak rao had it. he asked what it is. Vinayak said that this is our secret to progress. I can’t tell you what inside it. I can tell you one thing that this paper is everything for devsu. No one should have it or devsu would be destroyed. I have to protect it.
He tells

devi. She says whats in it? Bhao says we have to get it before nagesh doesn. DEvi says but how? He says keep an eye in palace. Sethji will hide it again. Find it out.

Baaji is looking everywhere for Pragati. He can’t find her. Suddenly a car hits him. She wakes up from her sleep. It was a dream. She says baji where are you? He is sitting outside the house. Pragati says what happened? He says I really miss my mom.

Scene 2
Next morning, Gauri, uttara and wasu are praying for baji. She says its Baji’s birthday. Always protect him and make him happy. Uttara says God will always bless him. Sethji is seeing all this. Gauri gives them all sweets. GAuri gives sweets to Sethji. Sethji says we celebrate birthday of people who live with us. Govinda comes and says I want the sweets too. They are about to fall from gauri’s hands. Sethji saves it. She recalls how much baji liked it.

Baji says my hair are so cranky. Mom use to oil them every day. And now.. His hand hurts. Pragati says baji. He says I forgot he asked me to keep my hand straight. She is packing her clothes. Baji says what are you doing? I won’t go to city. I can’t live away from devsu. She says come with me. He says I don’t wanna go to city. Please listen.

Sethji says to Raghu ask sandhya who sent her here? Raghu says she doesn’t know his name but she can recognize him. Sethji says they can reach our house too? We have to be careful. they will try again. Raghu says tell me what it is. Sambha says oh you two are here? Have some sweets. He says raghu you eat at least. This is not for baji. Gauri told me. Baji isn’t family now. Sethji says you had something important? He says I brought sweets because there are really goof fields. The farmers sent it. Sethji eats it. Raghu eats it too. Sambha says what have you decided about baji and pragati? That Pragati wasn’t lying. She came here to warn you. Sethji says thank you for exposing her. Bu that doesn’t mean we will let that pragati in. We won’t talk about it anymore.

Pragati brings baji inside devsu. He says what are you doing. We are not allowed to go inside. She says I can’t live without you and you can’t live without your mom. So we will go inside no matter what punishment we face. Baji says okay then I will stand by you. They hold hands and enter devsu. The soldiers stop them. They say you are not allowed to come inside. Pragati shoves him and says we will go inside. They both walk in.
Nagesh and ambi come outside pragati’s house. They come to beat Baji. Ambi says you should have told me I would bring more men. I mean I would enjoy beating him in front of people. Nagesh says let teach him a lesson. They come inside and see that no one is there. Nagesh says where have they gone? I think they ran. Ambi says they are scared. Nagesh says sethji threw them out. They didn’t come to ambrat. then where they went?

Sethji says I won’t change my decision. Baji and Pragati have no room in devsu. Pragati comes in and says sethji.. i want justice. Everyone is dazed. Sehtji says how dare you break my rules again. Pragati says I and my husband want justice. Devsu did unfair with us. Raghu says what is this drama baji? Pragati says that fake sandhya did the drama. I came to tell you. But you threw me out. I exposed her.

Precap-Pragati says today I pragati demand the right to stay in my house. To stay with my mother in law. Sethji looks at her in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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