Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi says what is ambi doing here. She goes and tells Bhao. All the women are on rooftop. They are singing and enjoying together. Ganesh’s wife tells she is pregnant. Wasu says when and how did this happen. Sunita is shy. Pragati says we can ask questions. Wasu says she is so beautiful Ganesh couldn’t stop himself. They all tease her. Uttara is feeling upset. She recalls Devi’s words. She sees everyone laughing and happy..
Ambi calls GAuri and says what phone is off. Devi is overhearing. He says stupid Gauri has her phone off and I came here and took this risk. i need to be calm. I love her. I will take a kiss from her. devi is dazed. He says but i don’t know which one is Gauri’s room. Devi says why is ambi talking about Gauri? She catches him. She says you

will be killed if someone sees you. What are you doing here? Tell me or I will tell everyone.
He says I came to meet someone. Please don’t kill me. Someone is coming. Ambi hides in the temple.

Devi wakes up Bhao and tells him everything. Bhao says are you sure that was ambii? devi says yes of course. It was ambi. I have seen him so many times with Nagesh. bhao says he came to meet Gauri? Devi says of course. Bhao says that means there is something between ambi and gauri. Devi says yes. Why else would he take a risk. I think it is from Gauri’s side too. Her behavior is changed too. I also doubt she has a phone too. Bhao says God is giving us one chance after another. No one should know. We will reveal all this one right time.

Scene 2
In the morning, ganesh and baji are taking shower at the lake. baji says don’t waste water. Ganhes says I know. I am not a child. Ganehs says I have seen you talking rudly to Govinda. Be humble to kids. Ganesh says we are kids too. Ganesh says no we are not. You have to behave well with my child. Baji says you are going to be a father? Ganehs says yes. They both dance and celebrate. Baji says you won. Ganehs says your number will come too.
Baji says I am married but I couldn’t have my wedding night. Ganehs says your height is of no use? Baji says shut up. Ganesh says no no I am not making fun. We have to think something for you. Baji says yes. Ganesh says we have to create environment.

All the women are doing pooja. Baji and Pragati touch sethji’s feet. She says always stayed married to Pragati. Baji says to pragati I will die anyway if we don’t celebrate our wedding night anymore. Pragati says be patient.
All women stand in circle for pooja. Pandit ji asks them to take their father’s names and family names. They all do one by one. Pragati is silent. Pandot says take your father and family name. Pragati saays if I don’t know my father’s name then? everyone is dazed. Pandit ji says how is that possible? Pragati says I don’t know my father’s name. That is why I don’t know my family name either. Can’t I do pooja without that? Everyone murmurs about her. Pandit ji asks is your father alive? She says I don’t know. I even don’t know who he is. Pandit says I am sorry but in that case you can’t do this pooja. Pragati says this is not the reason enough. Sethji says Pragati you can’t be part of this pooja. We can’t change the ritual.

Precap-Sethji is doing pooja for rain. Suddenly it starts raining. Everyone is happy. Bhao says this rain will turn into a storm.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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