Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says this has affected life of all of us. We will get out of this together.. Don’t think you are alone. I won’t sit down until I solve this problem. She asks Tukur what is the status of the south? He says all the houses are destroyed. Everyone tells her the same story. Sethji says we have to keep the faith. She asks Raghu to start repairing the house and send food to th affected houses. She says until your houses are repaired you can live in my palace as my guests.

Gauri is in her room looking for the phone. She says where did it go? did someone see it. She finds it. Devi hears vibration from Gauri’s room. She says what is this voice. She recalls Pragati’s phone sounded the same. Gauri picks the call. Ambi says how are you? I was so scared about you after

hearing about the incident? Gauri says I and my family are fine. Gauri feels like someone is there. She opens the door. Devi is there. Gauri hides the phone. Devi says were you talking to someone? Gauri says I was singing. Sethji asks Gauri and Devi to come downstairs. Gauri hides the phone and goes downstairs.
Sehtji says don’t you both know that it was darbar time? devi says i was coming. Sethji says you will always be irresponsible. Devi says I was arranging milk for the people coming here. Sethji says where is it then? Devi says all the cows are scared and some have ran. Sethji says go and prepare for their food.
Pandit ji says we should do pooja. Sethji says thats a good suggestion.

Scene 2
Devi says to Bhao this sethji always keeps scolding me. Bhao says within a few days you will become the queen of this palace. Calm down. Devi says I so want to show her worth to her. Bhao says we have to be careful. We can’t give her a hint. Our biggest weapon is Nagesh and Pragati’s relationship. Devi says that sethji has asked me to sleep with her. Bhaao says you can’t tell anyone yet.

Baji is worried. Pragati looks at him. He says I was thinking we should go to pandit ji and show him our kundlis. Pragati says what would that do? He says we will know the problem and do pooja for it. Prgaati says what will you say to pandit? Baji says I will say that my wedding night.. I mean.. No please tell me what should i say,. She says you are worrying for no reason. I am not going anywhere. We are both here. We will celebrate our wedding night. He says I have been patient for two months. You keep annoying me. Sambha comes in and says who annoys my brother? Baji says you do.
Pragati says you all three can sleep here.

Sethji and everyone serve women their meal. Gatu says to his mother I wanna go home. He is scared. His mom says he has been scared ever since earthquake came. He isn’t eating. Sethji is worried. Pragati says gatu you remember i read you a story yesterday. of a strong king. You didn’t tell me if you liked it. She feeds the kids with her hands. She tells them all stories and makes them eat. Sethji smiles. She says the lion is powerful because it eats properly. She makes them all eat.

Devi says to Uttara she is winning heart of Setji. Soon she will be sethji’s favorite.
DEvi comes to sleep with sethji. Devi says I don’t wanna sleep next to her. She says my stomach hurts. Sethji sleeps. devi comes downstairs. She says thank God I came here from her room. She sees a shadow. She says who is in house so late? Its Ambi. He is hidden behind a pillar. Devi sees him.

Precap-Devi says this is Nagesh’s soom Ambi. She tells Bhao. He says God is giving us chances. All the women do pooja by taking names of their fathers. Pragati says what if I dont know name of my father. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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