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Sethji 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu rests his head in sethji’s lap and cries. Sethji hugs him in tears. She says a mother can’t send her son away from her. But because of your mistake our family is shaken. He says I regret everyday for that mistake. She says let it be. We can’t change that. You are my wise son. You know we have a responsibility towards this village. We are responsible that justice prevails here.

Devsu’s guards are stopping a girl from going inside. Pragati and Baji ask her who you are? She says I am Sandhya. I am vaidhji’s niece. The man says that is not possible. Sandhya has been living here for sometime. Real says sandhay says what? You can’t enter in there. Baji says what is all this? Looks like she is not lying. Real Sandhay says I know all the rules. Ask my

uncle vaidh ji come to come here or I will go inside. I heard he is not well. I have to meet him.
Baji says to Pragati you know about this girl? Pragati says the snake SAndhya I saved you from, we have to save your family from her as well.
Raghu’s men tell him everything.
Ganiya brings vaidhji on the border. Sandhya says I am your niece. Vaidhji says but my sandhya is already here. I asked her so many question and she knew it all. Kasturi says ask this sandhya the same questions. Vaidhji asks her who is your dad? What is your caste? She answers all the questions he asks.

SAndhya says I got a call from some girl. She said you are not well. So I came running here. I don’t know who called me. Pragati says I did. Sandhya says you why? Prgati says that fake Sandhya would ruin sethji’s family. So I had to call you here before that.
She told Ganesh about fake sandhya. Ganesh said why would people trust us? Pragati said we have to bring real sandhya here. People would believe us.
Pragati says I am sorry I had to lie to bring you here. Sethji comes with Raghu and says some people only lie. It become their habit. She sees Baji’s hand fractured. She stops for a while. She recalls her moments with Baji.
Baji recalls her kicking him out.

Sandhya says no one is here. Let me see what this map is of. She tries to see what it is. She says there is a big game behind this map. i need to know what it is.
Vaidhji says thank God you are here sethji. This girl claims herself to be sandhya. I had only one niece. I don’t know who is right or wrong. Sethji says you accepted that the girl who is living in my house is sandhay. Sandhya says I don’t know who is living at your house but I am Sandhya. Vaidhji’s niece.

Precap-Sambha says to fake sandhya you are accused of faking yourself to be sandhya. Why are you here?
Sambha says Govinda told me you went to baba’s room. Pragati shoves her out of devsu. The map falls from her bag.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Episode was good..waiting for tomrws episode..

  2. Liked today’s episode

  3. 2day’s episode was normal nd pragati was sharp nd clever unlike rani

  4. 2day’s episode was normal nd pragati was sharp nd clever unlike rani

  5. Now sethji will soon accept pragati

  6. I love these crazy two, Baji & Pragati!

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