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Scene 1
Pragati says why is Govinda so upset. Uttara asks him what is wrong. She says I looked everywhere for you. Let take bath. Govinda says i want bath with mom not you. Uttara says mom is cooking. Come with me or you will be late. Wasu says its okay I will bathe him. Uttara says okay I will prepare for the pooja.
Uttara says to Gauri please wash this dish. She saays in heart I have to meet that guy. She says my stomach hurts. Uttara says you should go to vaidh ji. Take baji with you. Gauri says its okay I will go to vaidh ji.
Gauri goes outside. Devi says where are you going? She says my stomach hurts. I am going to vaidh ji. Devi says I can’t move like that when my stomach hurts. I have to check where she goes. She says but no I should rather burn Uttarra’s heart.


comes to uttara says why you look upset. She says I am fine. Devi says you don’t consider me like your mom. Uttara says its not like that. Actually Govinda these days.. devi says I understand. I had been going through this for 16 years. Raghu and Sambha loved me when they were kids. They grow up and they realize who is their mom and who is other person. You can have kids too if Raghu wants. Is everything okay between you and him? She says yes. Devi says then I will pray that you have kids too.

Baji comes to sethji. Raghu and Sambha come too. Sethji says I have called you here for something important. Gauri is grown up now. We have to find a good guy for her. Sambha says she is so young. Sethji says wasu was of her age when she came here. SAmbha says she grew up so early. Baji says yes, she used to run around with me in the city and now its her marriage age. Sethji says tell pandit ji to look for a good guy. He should have good family. I want someone far away from Ambrat. I want my daughter to live away from all this fight.

Scene 2
garui comes to the temple. Ambhi sees her and says she is so hot. I think my fire is burning her. I am the hero and the hero should enter late.
Gauri says I think he won’t come today. She waits for him. Ambi comes there and sasy you came to meet me? She says no I came to get the leaves. I have other things. He says then where are the leaves? She says I think they fell. He says I will pluck some for you. He puts his hand on her shoulder. He says I can even bring moon for you. But moon is not even close to your beauty.. She says you flirt the same in city? He says you are my friend. Will you meet me every day here? We will right. She says no no. He says yes yes. He says I will die if I don’t meet you. I will eat poison. Always remember your ambi. She says don’t be stupid and hugs him. He says I am your friend. Will you come for me?
He says I brought a gift for you. He shows her the phone. She says it is what people talk with? My bhabhi has it. He says with it we can talk daily. Will you talk to me? Our should I eat that poison? She hugs him and says I have to go. Devi says thi is the vaidh she wanted to come to.

Sethji says to wasu pragati and uttara, we have to get trained as well. Women need to be ready for anyb kind of danger coming their way. All three of you will be trained from tomorrow.

Pragati comes to sethji’s room. She says actually.. I wanted to tell you ever since I came here I made so many mistakes but you always forgave me. You always owned me. So I just came herre to thank you. Sethji says I have only reason to forgive you each time because the intention behind your mistakes is not wrong.
I really like the idea of using fertilizers for stoves. I thank you for that. We all expect from you that you will understand and respect devsu’s rules.

Scene 2
Wasu and uttara come to sethji’s room. Sethji says wake pragati up and ask her to get ready. Meet me downstairs.
wasu wakes up pragati. Pragati says I wanna sleep more. Wasu says we have training today. Pragati wakes up and says oh no.
Everyone comes downstairs. Garui says my stomach hurts. I will come from tomorrow. Sethji says you always do this. Devi says she is a schild let her enjoy. Sethji says okay you will do her tasks or stay home and take care of gauri.
Pragati falls in the first task. Sethji says leave her here. From tomorrow she has to give a test whether she can be trained or not.
#ff00ff;’>Precap-There is an earth quake in the devus. Wasu says where is govinda.
Sethji says Pragati and govvinda are inside the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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