Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika is coming inside the store. She says they have ruined my life. Pragati is hidden behind the wall. Pragati says why is she sneaking in? Why is she scared? She is from Devsu herself.
Devika sneaks out from the other side and goes towards the jungle. Pragati follows her. Bhaoroa comes to meet her. She says I know how difficult it is to meet you. Bhaorao says you look so excited. Devika says when I see that sethji seat I feel bad. that was your seat. Baho says don’t worry. See what I brought for you. He gives her sweets. She recalls her punishment. She says I don’t want it. Pragati says I can’t see or listen anything from here.
Devi takes the sweets and says keep this shopper with you. Sethji saw this last time as well.
Nagesh comes there. He says to Bhao

I feel like someone is there. Behind the trees. Bhao says should I bring gun? He says no lets go and heck first.
Someone pats on Pragati’s shoulder. Its bhaorao. He asks her to stay silent. Bhao says in heart Nagesh shouldn’t see her before she learns about Sadarshiya’s truth.
Nagesh’s son says no one is here dad. Nagesh says let’s go back. They sit in the car. Pragati recalls. She says you are the one I saw in Amrat village’s sethji. Who was that woman you were meeting? Bhao says she is my wife. I know she isn’t allowed to meet me but no one can stop us from meeting. We have to meet each other in jungle. Pragati says who did that? Sethji? He says yes. Sethji separated us after two months of marriage. Please don’t tell sethji. She will give her punish like baji.Pragati says you know baji? He says I am baji’s uncle. What are you doing here? Nita told me you were looking for Sadarshiya. Why are you looking for him? She says I can only tell him. Bhao says I will help you if only you don’t tell baji about me. Baji will tell his mom. Pragati says okay I won’t. He says okay then go. I will meet you here with sadarshuya’s news after four days.

Raghav listens something from Baaji’s small camp. He goes inside no one is there. Raghav sees the sculpture there. He is dazed. He recalls Pragati. He says that girl’s sculpture in Baji’s camp. When did he start doing all this? He goes out. Pragati comes back there. She says thank God I have people helping me out now. No matter what happens I will find Sadarshuya.
Baaji is asleep. He recalls his moments with Pragati. Raghav comes and wakes him up. Raghav says now I understand why you are smiling in sleep. I went to your camp last night. Baji says in heart he saw Pragati there?
Raghav says for how long have you hid it there? You go there again and again because of this reason? is this why you go back there again and again?
You have already hurt sethji. You made the sculpture? Baji says you saw the idol only? Rahav says yes why? Is this a joke to you? Baji says that idol is not of that girl. Raghav says I saw it clearly. Baji says I made this sculpture three months ago. Raghav says then why is there similarity? Baji says her hairs were colored but my sculpture isn’t. Why do you see her in the idol? should I tell bhabhi? Raghav says shut up and go from here.

Scene 2
Nagesh asks his son if his mom is up? He says mom is up. She is seeing english news. Nahgesh says she can’t speak Hindi properly and seeing English news. Nita comes and says what are you talking behind my back. The son asks that girl who came here last night? Is she asleep or up? Nita says I don’t know. She left last night. She was looking for someone named Mahashiv. Nagesh says why didn’t you tell us? Nita says you weren’t here. Nagesh says who is Mahanshiv? She says how would I know. his son says that girl has gone to Devsu. They will kick her out and she will come back to us. She will act as our pawn.
Nagesh says if this works Sehtji’s neck would be in our claws.

Precap-Baji’s foot gets injured. He screams. Pragati get worried and helps him out. In the house, sethji says I as Baji’s mother give his hand in Sandhiya’s hands. Baji will never say no to what I decide for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. priyadarshini

    Aww poor Baji baby,what will he do now?How will he stop the relation which is brought by his mother?? Anyways let’s wait and watch….

  2. priyadarshini

    Thanks Atiba di for ur regular updates. Hi kabi and Asana, good night guys..

    1. Hi priya good morning

      1. Priyadarshini

        Good noon dear

  3. priyadarshini

    Come on kabi and Asana we must make it… We must post more than 10 comment , isn’t it Asana??

  4. priyadarshini

    Will sethji accept pragati?? Of course it must be difficult for her to accept a modern girl ,an outsider as her bahu.. Anyways she must accept pragati .
    precap is amazing..I felt really good when pragati cared for Baji….

    1. Priya I think Pragathi is from same village. Because she is searching sangarshiya in devsu. And sangarshiya is related to this village. That’s why I think she too is related to this village. So she might not be an outsider. It’s just a guess.

      1. Priyadarshini

        Yes kabi ,I also felt so. Anyways let’s hope for best…

  5. priyadarshini

    Go Pragaji go..with ur permission, Kabi I’m taking the name Pragaji which u used to call pragati and Baji….
    Anyways what are u guys doing???Are u studying or doing job??

    1. Priya I am studying
      Are you studying for which exam

      1. Priyadarshini

        For NEET dear. Actually I didn’t study a word. Now I think that why on earth am I writing NEET..
        Asana and kabi what are u both studying???

    2. Yes, you may Priya. With pleasure dear.

  6. Hi friends. Today’s episode is interesting. Everyone’s true colors was exposed. Pragathi and Baji’s scenes was very​ nice. Mohini has more faith in her son. It’s appreciable. But she should have consulted with her son before taking decision. And this will create complications in Pragaji’s love. I think it’s kinda fast. Because both pragathi and baji didn’t love each other. Though baji Love’s her , pragathi didn’t realize her love for baji. They didn’t even​ confessed their love. Anyways let’s see what CVS are going to do. Hope they will do the best. And sangarshiya’s truth didn’t revealed. I’m eagerly waiting for that. Nagesh,his son, bhaoroa are planning to do something big. Please Pragathi don’t listen to them and don’t fall into​ that trap. They aren’t helping you , they’re using you. So please be careful Pragathi dear. Overall this episode was very interesting. And I want more Pragaji’s scenes.

  7. Hi asana. Vera Ena languages elam ungaluku therium?

    1. Malayalam, Tamil therium
      English, Hindi thoda thodathoda paths hai

      1. Patha*hai

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    And Kabisana my real name is not priyadarshini .
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    Anyways bye .

    1. All the best for your exam

      1. Priyadarshini

        Thanks dear…☺

  9. priyadarshini

    Hey where is Nureha???She only commented on 25th April’s episode… Currently I and Kabisana are commenting for sethji.. Hope there will be more commenters
    But actually I like this, One, two or three.. It is comfortable.

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  12. hi priydarshini and kabi i am a silent reader and i love this serial a lot most especially i love pragathi

    1. Hello ishu welcome to our sethji family
      Keep commenting

      1. Hi …who is sangharshiya? its sadhashiv whom Pragati is looking for in Devsu village na..

      2. Priyadarshini

        Welcome Ishu dear and don’t forget to post ur precious comments..

  13. all the best for your exams priyadarshni

    1. Priyadarshini

      Thanks Ishu ….

  14. kabi are you from tamilnadu

  15. if you do not mind can i too join your sethji serial family

    1. Yes ishu
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  16. Hi Priya. All the best best for your exams dear. W gonna miss you Priya. please try to comment if you find time. We will be waiting for your comments on next week. And once again all the best for your exams Priya. You will do the best.

    1. Priyadarshini

      Thanks kabi dear… And yes I will try to comment…. I’m also gonna miss u kabi sana and our new commented such as Ishu and plasma….
      Bye dears….. Have a nice day

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  20. @padma I don’t no who is sangharshiya
    Pragathi’s came to this village is find that sangharshiya
    I think sangharshiya is pragati’s relative

    1. @asana: Oh Pragati came to look for Sadhashiv . btw how can v increase the trp of Show Sethji..
      what was it in the beginning week?

  21. Hai kabi , priya , ishu
    I can’t saw this episode on 7pm so I am waiting for 3:30 pm

    1. Me too asana. I’m also didn’t see this episode at 7pm so I’m also waiting​ to watch at 3:30 pm.

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