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Sethji 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sandhya opens the paper. She says so much fuss for this empty paper. These all people are mad. He sent me here for this?
Pragati says baji you are injured. you need to be in hospital. He says this happens in fight. See this we have earned this money.

Sandhya see gold chains in the store. She says whose locket is it? Maybe mine. She laughs.

Sahib has abducted Raj and Roop. A girl informs Ranjit. Ranjit is coming towards sahib’s house. sandhya hears sethji’s voice. She says she wil ask for me. What if she comes here?
Sethji asks Utara where is sandhya? Utarsa says I think she went to temple. Sethji asks sambha. He says I don’t care about that girl. You are worried for him and not baji? Sethji says shut up. She sees the door open. She asks you opened

that door? Sethji says no. Sambha says then who did? Wasu recalls she saw sandhya near the door.

Pragati brings baji to hospital. He says why is everyone wearing white. Pragati says he is doctor and thats his uniform. Doctor comes baji acts weird. He brings injection. Baji sees the report of x ray. He says how can he picture my bone? Is he a magician. Praggati laughs and says no. He brings the injection. Baji says why he has a needle?Do doctors here stitch too? Pragati laughs. She says just look at me. Meanwhile doctor gives her injection. The song hamdard plays.
Doctor says done. Baji and pragato do some shopping and they come back. She dresses his wound. He sleeps in her
She brought t-shirts for him. She says see how good is my choice. Pragati says our wedding was so boring. We will re-marry with your whole family. He says what? SHe says I know how important is your family for you. You love your mom. I will wear mangalsutra when your mom considers me your wife. Till then we are just friends. He says okay as you. She pinches him. He sleeps in her lap.

Wasu comes to sambha. She says I saw that sandhya going near baba’s room. He is dazed. He says you didn’t ask her to stop? She says yes I asked her to go away from there. He says when did you see her? She says in the morning. He says this means she went there. They go towards the room.
Govinda is playing outside the room. Sandhya makes cat noice. He says I think there is a cat inside.
He opens the door. sandhay comes out. He says why you went inside? She says i went in there to save the cat as well. So please don’t tell mom. I will give you a lot of sweets. Lets go.
Sambha comes and says stop sandhya.
samvbha says govinda what are you doing here? Sandhya says we were following the cat. Govinda says yes we heard a cat. Sandhya says yes we were looking for cat. Govidna says lets go eat the sweets. Sandhya says yes yes.
Sambha sees the door. He says this tie is different. What if Pragati was right about this sandhya?

Precap-Sandhya and baji come inside devsu. A man says outsiders are not allowed here. Pragati finds real sandhya and brings her to devsu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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