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Scene 1
Baji hugs pragati. She sees someone outside. Pragati says baji I saw someone there outside the window. He says let me check. Baji looks outside and says no one is here. She says I saw someone. Baji says you are teasing me. He picks her up and takes her to bed. She says was that a thief? He says there are no thieves in devsu. She says who was sandhya then? We should see who is there. Lets go and check. They come outside to check. Baji says lets check. Bhao hides behind the bushes. He says they shouldn’t find me. Bhao picks a stone and throws it somewhere. Baji and Pragati go to lock there. Baji goes to check. He asks Pragati to stay there and wait. Bhao tries to call Pragati. She says what are you doing here? What if someone sees. He says I came here to see my devi. How is she? Pragati

says she is fine. Please go before baji comes what will I tell him.
Bhao says give this message to devi tell her I am really worried for her. She says I will please go from here. He gives her a ring. Pragati says i don’t want this. He says I am your uncle. This is your wedding gift. She says okay I will take it. You go from here please. Bhao runs. He collides with milk bowl. Baji comes there running. bhao runs. Baji sees someone’s shadow. Baji comes back and sees all the milk spilled. Everyone comes outside and is shocked. Devi says you kicked this? it was for pooja. Sethji says no I didn’t. Sehtji says what did you come here for? You made a huge mistake again. Devi says whats in your hand show me. She sees the ring and realizes its of bhao. Devi say bhao came here in heart. Devi says she is a child don’t be mad at her. Sethji says how can I let it go? baji says tells mom this is not true. Baji says we saw someone here and we came here to look for him. Tell everyone you didn’t throw it.

Sambha says did you see anyone here? Pragati says I saw a shadow here. So we came here. And then in hurry. Baji says tell them it was someone else. Sethji says tell us your answer. Sethji says you keep making mistake. you never understand. You have insulted food in my house and I will be punished for it. For five days i will not eat anything. Everyone is shocked. Pragati says I made the mistake. Punish me. WHy you.

Devi comes in and says I couldn’t even meet him. He is so brave that he came here. But sethji don’t think I will forget all this. You will pay for every moment I have spent without my husband. I won’t let your family have a moment of peace either.

Scene 2
Baji comes to room angry. Pragati says baji.. He says enough. Don’t give justifications. I dont’ wanna hear a word. She says please listen. He says you never understand. You always say that you don’t do anything. You ruin everything. I told you no one was there. I told you no one is there. but why would you listen. We could come back but no you couldn’t even see the pot. Sometimes I feel like you all this deliberately. Someone else gets punished for your mistakes. Because of you mom has punished herself. She will fast for five days. You do what you think is right. We are all fools for you. I never expected all this. Pragait says I don’t know what to do. Whenever I try to help someone I break hearts. Baji says whose help? she says no one’s. He says see you are blaming somenoen else too this time. Pragati says please listen, He says enough not a single world. He breaks the garlands in anger and sleeps. Pragati is in tears.

Next morning, pragati wakes up. She sees sethji sitting in meditation. Pragatti says sethji is doing exercise. People don’t exercise in fast. Has she broken her fast?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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