Sethji 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati sees Ambi and says you challenged him? He says yes its me. I am glad you remember my handsome face.
Ambrish and Baaji come in the ground. Everyone cheers to Ambi. Ambi bets Baji really bad. Baji falls on the flour and screams. Pragati says Baji you have to get up.
Everyone is cheering for ambi.
baji is badly injured. Ambi wins the first round. Pragato comes in nad says if you lose you and I will have to be slave. He is laughing at us. Baji gets up.

baji recalls steps he learned in the village. He beats Ambi down. Everyone cheers for him. Ambi is very angry. Pragati says you weren’t fighting this challenge for fun. You have to give him 15 thousand rupees. She smirks and goes out with Baji. Pragati takes the mic and you all saw my husband beaten down this Ambrish. As per decided Ambrish will give my husband 15 thousand.
Ambrish’s man givws baji his money. Pragati smiles and hugs him.
Ambi says I will see you both. You wont smile for long. And you all eat my dad’s money and cheering for them.

Scene 2
Sandhay is looking for the map.She comes in store and says here is so much dust here. Sambha is coming there. Sandhya hides. He locks the door.
Sandhya says how will I go out? The door is locked. I think I should relax and try to find it out. THen I will go out. She looks everywhere. She sees a map its has all the symbols nagesh told her.

Precap-Pragati brings baji to hospital. He says why is everyone wearing white? She says because thats their uniform. sandhya opens the papre.
Its empty. She says all this drama for this empty paper?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank you for update..I was waiting for it.

  2. I really liked today’s episode…..mostly when baji beats ambi and prahiti support him

    1. @mim can you tell me todays precap? Precap of friday?

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