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Sethji 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati is happy. Sethji tells the story of Devi savitri. Sethji says woman is a wife, and a mother. Her husband is her respect. Gauri says in heart I will also fight the world for my husband. Everyone does the rituals. They tie thread around the tree. Pragati is about to faint. Baji holds her. She opens his eyes and says women are strong. He says stupid.

The havan starts. Pandit ji says the elder son and his wife come forward. Wasu and Sambha stand up. Devi says stop. I and Bhao are the elder couple here. We should do this pooja. How can you forget us? Sethji forgot that bhao is son of this house. And he is back. This is not sambha and wasu’s right. this is my and bhao’s. Devi says let start the pooja. They sit down for the pooja. Sethji is mad.

Ambi says touching

that gauri was so much fun. There is something different about her. I am sure she felt too. Because a guy touched her first time. I have lit the fire.
Gauri says why am I thinking about that guy again? What if he came to jungle for me today as well. Why I feel like he would come and wait for me. If I meet him i will tell him not to come here.

Ambi says has my target missed? No thats not possible. No one in devusu dared touching her. I did. She will come here. She might be stuck somewhere. I can’t miss it.
Uttara serves everyone food. Devi and Bhao come there. Devi says go and sit with your nephews bhao. She says baji make some space for your uncle. She says serve your uncle uttara. Uttara stands up. Sethji nods. She serves. Devi says sehtji eats every day. He is eating after 16 years. He is elder one today.
Devi says pragati you brought breads? Serve bhao rrao first. Pragati serves him.

Devi says gauri why are you eating in a hurry? Bhao says my heart is full. I had waited for years to eat with you people. Thank you for letting me back in my devsu. Baji says you helped me as well.

Scene 2
Sethji recalls everything that happened today. She recalls when Vinayak was leaving. Sambha and raghu come in. Sambha says we wanted to know if you have forgiven bhao. Sethji says we will never be fooled. I have not closed my eyes. He can never be forgiven. Sambha says then why did you let him sit in the pooja? We could stop him. Sethji says no. Entire devsu is thankful to him. Maybe bhao rao has changed. We will know if he is playing a game. Raghu says he is very clever. Sethji says our eyes are not closed. We will monitor him.

Precap-Sambha says to Sethji nagesh is silent.
that means he is upto something big. Sethji saays this time he can be more dangerous. Be aware of his son as well. Ambi meets gauri in jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. how come stupid Gauri is not aware of Nagesh.

  2. yes..don’t understand how. Even Baji was not aware about Naguesh son as we saw when he was in city with pragati he dint knew that.

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