Sethji 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji sees men beating baaji. She wakes up. Gauri comes. She says you are missing him right? Sethji says there is nothing like that. Gauri says you won’t accept but you do.

Baji comes home with food. Pragati says where were you all day? He says are you hungry? he shows her food. Pragatis says what happened to your hands. Why are there bruises? speak up. Sit down here. She applies from the first aid she has in her bag. He says i went to market and learned everything. I did labour too. She says why did you have to do it. I will come with you tomorrow. Baji says I have to go alone. I have taken part in a challenge. Ambrish challenged him. He said I know where you are from. You have to take part in a fight if you win I will give you 15k. If you lose you will become my slave forever.

She says you don’t need to do all this. He says I accepted the challenge. I had no other option.

Ambrish tells Nagesh everything. Nagesh says when you talk like this I realize you are my son. He says baba I was saying what if that sandhya gets caught? Nagesh says we will disown her. They laugh. Nagesh says but imagine if she gets successful? If she finds that map. Our fate will change.

Baaji is doing push ups. Pragati comes with arti. He smiles. Baaji says wow. You know all this? She says city people don’t forget their rituals too. They does his arti. She says thank you for making this pretty house. He says I will improve it. Pragati says you need blessings today. I am sure you will win.

Sandhya is looking for that map. She tries to sneak inside sethji’s room. She says sethji has went for practice. No matter how much you practice it won’t help when I attack you. She says no one is home. I should start my work. She comes to a room and looks for it. Sadnhya sees a door locked. She says whats behind this door? She tries to open it. Wasu comes and says what are you doing? Sandhya says you here. Wasu says says this is my house. No one is allowed to go in this room. Come with me.

SAndhya and baji come to market. Ambrish comes there. Pragati recalls he saw him before he stopped her in her way.

Precap-Sandhya says so it was you who challenged Baji? I feel bad for you. The competition starts. He beats baaji very much. Sandhya says please get up baji if you don’t win this match you and I have to become his slave.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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