Sethji 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Garui recalls ambi saving her. Wasu comes and says where are you lost. She sayss nothing.
ganiya and pragati come there. Ganiya says pargati will lit the stove from this rod. Pragati says you promised that you will help me. Ganiua says I will. Pragati says put that pipe in the wall.

Everyone is preparing for the pooja. Pragati says why are they putting mehndi from the stick? Isn’t there a cone? Uttara says what? Pragati says oh I forgot nothing.
Gauri says what is that black thing on your head?
Wasu says Gauri is lost in thoughts. Wasu says Pragati’s mehdni is dark. It means that your love is as deep. Baji really loves you. Devi says raghu doesn’t love uttara. He mehndi is so light. Sethji says shut up devi. This is all rubbish. Uttara mehdni is just

because of temperature of the body. Uttara is calm and thats why her mehndi is light.

Pragati comes to terrace. Baji hugs her. They both hug each other. They dance. She is imagining all this. Gauri imagines herself with ambi.
Nagesh says to ambu you have to win this game.
Baji brings food and says to pragati eat it. Don’t be childish. He says tomorrow is your fast. Eat today. She says I will bear. I am stubborn. She leaves.
Devi comes and sits with bhao. she says my mehndi is so good. Because you are here and you love me. He says you believed that? I don’t love you. She says okay.. I know you do. I understand your heartbeat. I know you love me. He gets up. Bhao says there is one thing more important. Sethji throne. I know a secret that can ruin her life.. Devi says who? Bhao says let me be well then see what I do. She says what? He says I will tell you on time. She says you cant hide from me. Tell me. Bhao says the secret of Pragati. Devi says what? BHao says yes his father’s secret. The day sethji gets to know who is pragati’s daad she will lose her seat. Devi says why was he a monster? Bhao says not less. Devi says worse than nagesh? Bhao laughs. He whispers her something. Devi is dazed.

Scene 2
The pooja starts. Pragati does the rituals with everyone. Sethji tells them story of savitri. Wasu says she is telling this story for pragatik. Uttara says yes we all know already.

Precap-In the pooja pandit ji says the elder son come forward. SAmbha and wasu are coming. Devi says stop. I and Bhao are one who can do this.
Sambha says to sethji how could you let him do this. Sethji says let him think he can fool us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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