Sethji 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says lets go Pragati. We have to and bring those mehndi leaves.
Ambi is waiting and looking from his binoculars. He sees that Prgati and Gauri have reached the jungle. Ambi says what is this pragati doing with gauri.
Pragati says I forgot to wash iron utensils. Gauri says you go home I will bring leaves from here. Otherwise mom will be mad at you. Pragati says no I can’t leave you alone. Gauri says its not a problem at all. Pragati goes home. AMbi says yes.

Bhao comes to Sethji and says I want to talk to you. He says ever since I came here I was gathering courage to talk to you. i know no one likes me here. Sethji sits on her chair and says sit down. She sit down. Bhao says I know I have sins and don’t deserve pardon. I have fallen in my own eyes. SHe says

leave all that and focus on your health. He says you did so much for me. Got me treated and gave me a new life.. But I don’t want to live a life with no respect and my people. Sethji says you are nagesh’s friend. He says yes I know I did all that with nagesh. But when I saw baji in trouble I couldn’t stop myself from helping him. Trust me. From today every breath I intake is for Devsu. I want to serve the people here. sethji says we take care of health of our sinner. So when he gets well he can do his punish or repent. I am giving you time to recover so we can talk about your sins when you are fine. Bhao leaves. Pragati is overhearing all this. Bhao says I was going to my room. I want to live in this house as long as I can. DEvi comes and says come with me.

Scene 2
Gauri is plucking the leaves. Ambi tries to sneak in. Some men come and say there is someone there. Ambi runs outside. Ambi hides. The men leave. Gauri is trying to pluck the leaves.
DEvi says to Pragati it is taking everyone so long to forget Bhao’s mistake. I am very scared. Please do something. You are my only hope.
Ambi throws a rope in GAuri’s way and she falls in a ditch. SHe screams for help. Ambu says I will help you don’t worry. Hold my hand. She tries to hold his hand. Ambi jumps with her as well.

Ambi says where am I? Gauri says this is devsu. Garui says if mom gets to know she will be really mad. I need to go home. He says if I was from devsu won’t your mom be mad? She tries to go. Ambi pulls her. She says what are you doing. I want to go home. He pulls her again. He says I picked you so I can help you in going up. She says then help me.

Sethji asks wasu is Gauri is back. She says its too late. she should have been back. Where are sambha baji and raghu? Ambi helps GAuri in goin up. He says get me out as well. She says you are not from devsu stay here. She goes home. Ambi says she is so hot. He says this is my game. She will trun back. GAuri turns back. Ambi smiles at her. Gaurio leaves.

GAuri comes home. Sethji says what took you so much time? She says there was so much wind. I had to pluck the leaves. Sethji says why is there so much mud on your clothes? She says I fell once. Sethji says always be careful. Garui nods.

Scene 3
Ambi comes home. He says I did a big game. We have to do a lot more. Nagesh says what you mean? Ambi I stole something. Nagesh says what map? He says no heart. Heart of your enemy’s only daughter. Nagesh is dazed.

Precap-Nagesh says to rita today our soon has hooked Sethhji’s daughter. Bhao says to Devi I know a secret that can ruin sethji’s life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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