Sethji 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi says why in room. He will eat here with the family. He is a member of this family as well. Raghu and Sambha take Bhao to his room. Devi takes his food to room.
Bhao says I have gotten people their lands back. devi says what will that give us? Bhoa says sympathy of sethji and people. Devi says she already knows you gave her son a new life.
Pragatu is painting. Govinda comes there. She teaches him how to pain. Uttara comes and says govinda you are learning to paint? Wow. Lets sleep now. He says I don’t want to sleep Govinda says I will listen city story from Pragati. Praggati says he willsleep with me don’t worry;.
Devi whispers to uttara what if he never wants to be with you again. That happens when the child is not yours. They only love you till they find someone

better. Otherwise they are only of their moms. I can know your pain because I don’t have my own kids.

Scene 2
Sethji is in her room. Gauri comes there. Sethji says where were you all day? Gauri says I was helping bhabhis in house chores. They are all so nice. Sethjiu says they keep our house running. They are from three families and yet they have accepted our rituals. Sethji hugs her and says I just pray that your mother in law is as proud of you as I am of my three daughter in laws. Garui says I won’t leave you or this devsu. Sethji says I used to talk like you when I was young. Your bhabhis would do the same. Yet they came here. This is how it is. Girl has to go to her husband’s house. Sethji says pray that you get a good husband.

Pragati sees the painting. Baji comes and says this.. She has made Baji Vithal and Ganiya together. Baji caresses Vithal’s face. Pragati says this way Vithal will always be in front of your eyes. You three are so happy here. Baji says thank you so much. You did all this for me. She says you made whole sculptor for me. Baji says I remember that. He says I am so glad you came to my life. I miss Vithal so much.

Scene 2
Nagesh says that bhaorao he released his nephew. Rita says don’t worry. Eat the food. Ambi says is baba still bugged? Nagesh says no no I am so happy. Ambi laughs. Nagesh says don’t laugh in front of me, Ambiu says don’t be so mad. What is it gonna get you.
Nagesh says what can you do? What will ruin that sethji’s house. Ambi says you have done everything. What you hatred couldn’t my love would do. Now just wait and watch.

Bhao says to pragati you also think I did wrong right? I did. I shook hand with that nagesh. I have only thought about how to get people trust me again. When I saw Baji detained my heart changed. Pragati says don’t worry everything will be fine. She says I asked about Sadashiv? Bhao says sorry I forgot. Once I recover I will tell you about sada shiv.

The pooja starts. Govinda tries to steal sweets. Sethjo gives govinda sweets. Pragati comes sethji gives everyone sweets. She says uttara are all the things ready for vat savitri pooja? Uttara says the leaves are not here. I have to bring them. Sethji says you have to do stuff with me. Gauri says I and pragaaati will go together.
Pragati comes to baji and tells him that sethji has assigned her some work. She says I thought sethjo would never do that. Baji says I am proud of you. He says she has not forgiven us completely. He says no mistakes this time. She says there won’t be any. She hugs him.

Precap-Bhao says to Sethji I know that you have not forgiven. Sethji says we take care of the sinner till he is okay so he can fulfill his punishment.
Gauri is plucking leaves. AMbi throws in a thread and she falls in a ditch. Ambi jumps on her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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