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Sethji 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says told you I will come back to this palace. She says I knew it but you this is a big price. You are so injured. He says this is just the beginning. We have to suffer a lot to get to our destination. She says you are here. What else? He says the throne of Sethji. I have suffered 16 years for that throne. I know Ahiliya. She is very clever. Devi says if she had a mind she would have caught our game. He says she did. She asked vaidh ji to check if my wounds are real or not.. Don’t doubt her wisdom. We have to be two steps ahead of her.

Sethji recalls what happened 16 years ago.
Devi says she can’t catch us this time. Bhao says we can’t let her doubt us. Devi says don’t worry. She is very busy all the time. We have to divert her mind from us. Bhao says

pragati can be our pawn. She helped us before.

Pragti brings food for baji. He says I don’t want to eat. She says please drink milk at least. He says I don’t want to. My brother is gone away from me. Pragati says I can’t see you like this. He says so you want me to forget vithal and eat? I am not like you. I have not been raised in your city. I can’t have a stone heart like city people. Our hearts are hurt when we lose someone. I have lost vithal forever. My heart cries. Pragatu says I was so little when I lost my parents. I don’t even know name of my father. Never saw his photo or heard him. There was just mom and she left when I was so young. I could cry all my life. Be depressed but I chose not to. I wore mask of happiness and life gave me you. Now you are my happiness. I can’t see my happiness sad. You are my everything now.
Baji says I am sorry. I forgot about it. I am not as strong as you. She says I am here to give you strength. Baji hugs her.

Devi says to Wasu only i know how have I spent all those years without my husband. Everyone participates in happiness but not in sadness. Uttara says its not like that. Devi says I have lived alone for 16 years. Did anyone ever thought about me before pragati? She is so courageous. Other people just obey what sethji says. Gauri leaves. Sethji says what happened to her. I said what was right. Uttara says leave all that and take this food for kaka.
Sethji stops Devi. Devi is scared. Sethji says how is bhao? Devi says better than before. It will take time to recover completely; Sthji says serve your husband after so many years till you have time. Devi says of course. God finally listened to me. If God wants my second wish will come true as well.

Raghu says to sethji I wanted to talk about you. Devi overhears. Sambha says baji is still upset. Sethji says talk to him. He needs our support. Sethji tells them what to do. Devi overhears. Devi says happiness won’t come your way now. It will only come when bhao becomes sethji.

Scene 2
Nagesh’s man says how dare that ram ji enter our lands. Go bring his papers. He says Ramji paid all the debts and took his property papers. Nagesh says what.. I never give away the property paper again. How dare you do that.
Ram ji first got his daughter married in devsu and now you gave him his land. He says your friend bhao helped him and gave the papers to ram ji. Nagesh is dazed. He says I will kill this bhao.

Devi brings bhao to lunch. She says whole family will eat together. Uttara serve your uncle too. He will eat here as well. Sehtji says no. Bhao will eat in his room.

Precap-Bhao says we have to divide them.
Sethji says to gauri women are lakes. They change their shape according to circumstances. Ambi says to nagesh sethji will have to bow down to my game of love.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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