Sethji 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baji and Pragati walk outside.
Nagesh gets the news. He says Bhao you wont’ believe. Baji married that Pragati. They both laugh. Nagesh says she has abandoned Baji. She has adopted our sanddhya. Bhoa says I am so proud of you. Nagesh says you will sit on sethji throne soon. Bhao imagines and smiles. He says thank you for everything. Nagesh says in heart I can’t tell you why I kept you here for 18 years. Bhao says in heart soon you won’t celebrate bhao. I will alone. When I rule you wont’ have a place in Amrat either.

The court sets. Sethji ask Raghu you wanna say something? You made a huge mistake. How could you be so irresponsible? You should be punished. You will live in basement from now on. Kasturi says I want to say something.. Sethji says related to

this matter? Kastyri nods. She says I made that girl run from the detention. Don’t punish Raghu for my mistake. Raghu says this is not right. I couldn’t do my duty right. Kasturi says I made her run. Raghu says punish me please. Kasturi says no punish me. Raghuy wasn’t even there. I should be punished. Sethji says Baji isn’t here. I asked you to keep that girl in detention. Because I knew that girl. But why you did that Kasturi? Now you have accepted that sin. You will be punished as Raghu. Kasturi will be detained in basement. The men take her. Raghu looks at her.
Sethji says Raghu we take your responsibilities from you. You are not responsible enough.

Scene 2
Baji sits outside the border. He is in tears. Sethji misses him too. The song ‘tujhe sab hai pata meri ma’. Sethji recalls her moments with baji. Pragti says Baji should I say something? He says yes. You are my one and only. She says I don’t think anyone will come. Its late. We should go from here. He says I won’t go anywhere. Pragati feels cold. Baji lits fire near him. Pragati says don’t cry. Everything will be fine. I don’t have anyone in this world. No parents no siblings. So I can understand your pain. But you.. Don’t give up. We will face it together. our love will win.
Baji says I am worried for Raghu. Sethji will punish him. Pragati says its all my mistake. He says don’t blame yourself. We will build our house near this border. We will make a place in mom’s heart.

Uttara says to Raghu how did that Pragati ran from here? And Kasturi? What she has to do with all this? He says I am tired. I am going to rest. Uttara says I feel like something is wrong. Don’t you think all this is weird. Sandhhya, Kasturi and Pragati? Raghu goes to rest.
Sethji is in her room. She is in tears. Sethji cooks food. She recalls Baji eating with her. She recalls she used to serve Baji before everyone. She is in tears. Wasu comes and says your hand is burned. She applies med on it. Sehtji says in heart you can’t heal this mom.
uttara says we will cook. Sethji says why? I cook at night all the time. We will live like we used to. Baji won’t be remembered here anymore. We have a new person here.

Precap-Sethji says to her husband’s picture.. This is all your mistake. If you were here Baji could be more mature. But you wanted those city lights. baji brings stuff to build his small house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kabi...

    Very sad episode. Sethji why can’t you understand, that Sandhiya is not a good person and your husband too didn’t do anything it’s all that bhao and nagesh’s traps. Oh my Baji, again he is sad??? but I know you won’t give up, you are very strong. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. I feel that what they are showing is nice that a son has equal love for his mother too and he wants to be with pragati as well as he dont want to go away from his mother. I feel that pragati will do something to help baji

  2. Kabi...

    Why there’s only few comments. Friends if you read this please post your comments. And Priya di where r u. Please post your comments. I miss your comments a lot ???.

  3. Kabi...

    Hi Mim and hi asana good morning friends.

    1. Asana321

      Good morning kabi

  4. Nice episode

  5. Feeling bad

  6. Asana321

    Poor baji
    I think this sangarshiya is baji’s father

    1. If he turns to be baji’s father then baji and pragati cant marry as they will be brother and sister he wont be baji’s father..

      1. Asana321

        I think it there have any twists

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