Sethji 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vaidha ji treats bhao. He screams with pain. Vaidh ji says he really needs rest. He has same injuries like Baji. Baji is recovering. Sethji says he is more upset than injured. He can’t take vithal’s death.

Vithal’s mom and ganesh are crying. Baji comes there with pragati. GAnesh hugs him. He says our Vithaal has gone. Baji sees his asthiya. Pragati hugs Vithal’s mom.

Scene 2
Rita comes to ambi and says you are always on your laptop. He says I was working. She says you are watching a movie. I will tell your mom. He says baba gave me this picture.
Rita says I went to kitty party. Everyone was talking about google. I told them google comes to our house every day. Ambi laughs. He says google is a software not a person.
Nagesh comes to ambu

and says that baji ran because of you. Ambi says your friend made him run. You can’t blame me. You kept that man here. Tolerate your defeat. He says I have not been defeated. Rita says how? He says I will tell you in end.

Sethji says to devi take care of bhao. Bhao says please forgive me for the sins I have done. Sehtji leaves. Baji and Ganiya take Vithal’s asthiya to lake and pour them there.

Govinda says I can’t eat so much. Uttara says eat it and be like Baji. He says no I will be like dad and sleep. Wasu says don’t speak like that about dad. Uttara says eat it. Other people have to eat as well. Govinda says that old man? Who is he? Why is he living in our house? Uttara says he is your uncle. He is Devi’s husband. Govinda says why didn’t he live here? Uttara says he was out of DEvsu. Govinda says I will play with him. Wasu says go out and play.
Wasu says kids ask so many question. Wasu says will mom forgive bhao? Uttara says not sure. His sin is big. God know. Wasu says when Pragati brought him inside I was so scared. SHe is so strong. Uttara says did she do wrong? Wasu says she has so much courage. Uttara says I hope nothing wrong happens now. Wasu says when nagesh finds out that Bhao is not on border he will get really mad. I hope everything goes fine.

Sethji asks Raghu where is baji? He says baji and ganesh are at the lake. Sethji says I know what they are feeling. They are so upset. Raghu says he will console himself. Raghu says what you think about bhao? Does he actually repent? Sethji says you doubt? Raghu says we need to be careful. Sethji says you are right. I can’t decide either. Till bhao is under treatment he can’t be treated. We have the time to think of our answers. We will decide if we will allow him to live here or not.

Scene 2
Devi says to Bhao do rest. He says you care for me so much. She says you have tolerated so much. I lost hope you will ever come back. Thank God you are back here. She cries and they both laugh together.

Precap-Bhao says to Devi we have to do a lot get our destination. Bhao says we have to get her seat. We need to stay two steps ahead of her. Sethji says to Devi you have limited time. Serve your husband as much as you can.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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