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Sethji 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati says you will live happily. Marry the girl your mom wants. That better for everyone. She is walking away. Baji holds her hand. He says we married, hiding it is a sin. Now we will go to Devsu together. To our house. Praati hugs him and cries.

Sethji comes to temple. She says its my baji’s wedding. I want to dance too. Wasu says yes you should. She asks pandit ji about preps? He says everything is ready. Where is Baji? Sehtji saus yes where is he and Baji. Sandhya comes with Vaidhji. Sehtji says you look so pretty.
Raghu is looking for Baji madly, He fails and goes to temple. sehtji says where is Baji? Raghu says he.. A woman says Baji is there. Baji comes three. Sandhya is walking behind him. Everyone is dazed. Devi says is her hairline filled? Baji is holding her hand.

Kasturi smiles. Devi says why is he holding her hand? I think Baaji has married her. Sethji is in a shock and so is everyone. Rahu slaps him and says what is all this? Baji says I married Pragati. Raghu slaps him hard. Sandhya stands up and says oh God. My life is ruined. I am going to kill myself. Sehtji says stop Sandya. Vaidhji is crying. He says my daughter’s life is ruined. Please do something. This Baaji.. Why he did this to my daughter. We need justice. I have lost my sister I don’t wanna lose her. Sethji says forgive me. I promised you a marriage and that promise is broken. But I will also promised to make you my daughter.
You are my daughter from now. You are sandhya ahliya rao.
Devika says but.. You counted wrong. You have four kids and including sandhya its five. Sethji says Baji is not my son anymore. She walks towards river. Everyone leaves.
Sethji plucks the birds she tied to the tree in name of Baaji. She throws it away.
Baaji says please listen mom. Please don’t do this. She throws his bird in the river. Everyone is in tears. Sethji says I have four kids, Sambha, Raghu,. Gauri and Sandhya. No more. Baji says what are you saying. I am your son. Please give me one chance. I know you will understand me why I did this. I never wanted to hurt. I can’t live without you.
Please don’t do this. Sehtji says sons can’t understand a mom’s pain. Raghu you had to protect the borders of devsu but since a few days its looks like a joke. Give me reason in the court.
Pragati says I am sorry. I know I have hurt you. Baji is your son. Please don’t punish him because of me. Please listen to him once.

Sethji says Sambha.. Kick them both out of this village. they shouldn’t ever meet anyone form Devsu. They have no right to live on our land. Sambha says but.. Sethji says there are no buts. If they break the rules again they will walk in the lake full of alligators.
Baaji says please don’t do this. Please don’t separate me from you. Sambha pulls him out of devsu. Baaji is crying and begging. Setji is in tears.
Sambha makes them walk out.

Precap-Sethji says who made the mistake will live outside this village. Why should we stop living and laughing?
baaji says to Pragati one thing is clear I won’t leave devsu. We will make our house on the
border. We will make place in sethji’s heart. Sethji says no one will take Baji’s name again in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode was good…baji,sethji,raghu’s emotions is expressed fully.But i think pragriti needs to explore her emotions more in the acts

  2. Asana321

    Pragaji married
    I am waiting for next episode

  3. Kabi...

    Hi friends good evening. This episode was very emotional. Oh my poor Baji don’t worry. Sethji will understand you. She gave this punishment only as a sethji. But as a mother she too was hurted when she gave you the punishment.

  4. Kabi...

    Why there’s​ only few comments.? Please post your precious comments friends. And is there anyone who watches kseries? If yes which is your favorite kseries? Please reply soon friends.

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