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Sethji 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Its bhaaorao all injured. Everyone is dazed. DEvi says bhao please say something. What happened to him. Nagesh says shocked much? DEvi says how can you do this. Nagehs says I kept him for 16 years and he betrayed me. He kicks bhao. Devi says no please. Nagesh says scream more. I don’t know why he released baji. I thought he was like me but no. He let that baji go from my detention. How dare he. He kicks bhao more. Devi says please don’t hit him. I beg you. Let him go please. Sethji please say something. They will kill bhao. Please sethji I don’t want to be widow. Please save him.
Nagesh says save your tears will help you. I won’t kill him today. I will kill him little by little every day. Whenever I want I will come here to kick him. I will see how he dies slowly.

He leaves.

Sehtji says raghu take Devi to home. They take devi home while bhao is there.

Scene 2
Next morning, baji says where is sethji. pragati says she is so busy all the time. Baji says I should help her as well. Pragati says first get well. Devi comes to sethji and says I beg you.. Please save his life. Don’t be so stone hearted. Sethji says you know all the sins he did. He is suffering because of his sins. Devi says he is paying for saving your son’s life. your son is alive in front of you because of him. Can you return his favor? Baji says what happened to bhao?
Devi says you saw that bhao has changed. He saved your life and he has to pay with his. Nagesh’s men have beaten him and thrown him at the border. But no one cares here. Your mom has left him there to die.
She doesn’t care about anyone’s sacrifices. you are selfish. Sehtji says you know why bhao was exiled. Devi says he has proved that he has changed. Please help him. If you don’t save him I will stop believing in you. Let him die. Then you will have peace. We will be so proud of you. I want to see how humane you are.
Wasu says you know that she does everything for our better. Devi says what better?

Pragati says we should help him. He saved baji’s life. Sethji says its not that simple. I can’t go against my decision. Devi says wow. Where were her decision when she had to bring back baji. He will die there but she doesn’t care. She sits and cries. Pragati hugs her. SHe says please don’t cry. Nothing will happen. I will save bhao rao. Don’t cry. She says you can let him die, but I can’t. I don’t want to follow rules that can kill a human. I will save bhaorao. Everyone is dazed. Sethji says baji your wife is again on her old track. I don’t think she can ever change. She doesn’t value our rules. A man says sethji he saved baji’s life. We have to pay him back. Gaitri says he is right. I think the same. In this case we should help bhaorao. All the people say that they should help bhao. Devi says they are all right. Please give him one chance. Pragati runs to save him. She says I will save bhao.

Pragati crosses the border and says bhaorao kaka please open your eyes. She says we have to treat him. Bhao opens his eyes. He says you.. pragati says your day to be back in devsu is here. Come with me. She picks him up. Pragati brings him towards the border. Baji says stop there. I won’t let you do this. You can’t break these rules. pragati says what about humanity? He saved your life even though he is nagesh’s partner. Baji says but he can’t enter here. Pragati says I know and I know the reason as well. I am not saying to let him stay here. Just treat him and once he is okay then do whatever you want. I can’t see a criminal in him I only see a man who saved my husband. I have to help him. Baji moves aside and pragati brings him in. Devi hugs him. She says you are so injured. She takes him inside with praggati. Devi says thank you pragati.
Pragati says devi kaku he saved baji’s life. I had to save his. Pragati says I am sorry sethji. But I couldn’t let him die. He saved our baji. There was no one to tell me what is right and wrong. I learned everything from Baji. He told me we always have to help others. I don’t think I did wrong. Baji says she is right. He needs treatment we can punish him later.
Sethji asks vaidh to bring meds for bhao she says he will live in palace with us. They take him to palace. Sethji recalls when she exiled him.

Precap-Vadh ji says Sehtji Baji’s injuries are recovering. Sethji says he has injuries on his heart. He is so upset about Vithal’s death. Baho says to sethji please forgive me for all the sins I have done. Baji says that nagesh has to payback with his life for killing vithal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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