Service Wali Bahu 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jogeshwar/Natru scolding Santoshi that she did not handle the situation well and says he has to ask Ayodhya to handle the situation. Ayodhya in mumbai thinks if he has to attend Dev’s marriage, he has to stop Gulkan in mumbai itself.

Dev calls Payal and informs that his bhaiya and bhabhi agreed to attend their marriage and they are coming back from mumbai. Payal says it is good that all the differences are cleared. He says after 1 day, they will be united after their marriage and asks if she is happy. She says she is very happy and says she is in a delimma. He asks what is the issue. She says she is happy that she is marrying him and also sad that she has to leave her parent’s house. He says she will be having 2 houses after marriage and she can

go anytime to her parent’s house as it is her first house. Payal says he is so good. He says he is trying to become like her and says his bhaiya and bhabi have good qualities, that is adopting. Payal asks who are they. He says his bhaiya’s name is Ayodhya prasad and bhabhi’s name is gulkan prasad. Payal asks what does he do. Just then, Neelu comes and tells papa is crying.

Payal goes to hall and sees papa and mamma hugging and crying. Payal goes and consoles them. Dad says he does not know how to leave without her. Payal describes emotional quotient with each family member and they all cry.

Natru calls Ayodhya and asks why did he agree to attend marriage. Ayodhya says Dev insisted a lot, so he had to agree. Natru asks him to get Mithilesh and his wife also from the city, else they will know about the marriage and inform Gulkan, he does not want Gulkan chudail/witch know at any cost. Ayodhya turns back and sees gulkan standing who asks whom he was talking to. He says contractor guptaji. She checks phone and sees gupta’s number, goes and sleeps. He thinks he did right by changing his dad’s name to gupta ji, else gulkan would have created a problem.

Payal’s premarriage rituals start with payal coming with ladies to temple and performing pooja over tree and land. Neelu asks its significance. A lady says their ancestors were farmers and they pray land for prosperity, etc. Santoshi and Guddi on the other sidce perform pooja with relatives. Dev comes and hugs her. She as usual starts her overacting. He says he is happy as Ayodhya and Gulkan are attending marriage. Santoshi chokes..

Ayodhya while walking on road gets natru’s call who asks him to do something. He sees 2 policemen walking and gets an idea. He tells children that he will get them balloons, carries them and while walking purposefully clashes with policemen and falls down. He then starts fighting with them. Gulkan comes and slaps them. Policemen tell she slapped a police and arrest her.

Precap: Before marriage rituals start, Dev prays god that Ayodhya and Gulkan should reach before marriage starts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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