Service Wali Bahu 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulkan asking Ayodhya whom he was talking to on phone. He says his friends. She takes mobile and sees Natru/jogeshwar’s call and asks if natru is his friend, if he is planning something again. He says there is nothing like that. She asks if he even meets natru. He sees mithilesh and his wife listening to them and starts acting. He says he is stuck between his dad and wife, dad called and told he needs some more time to sell the house and repay dowry amount. Gulkan says if she finds something else, she will not spare him. Once she leaves, Mithilesh apologizes Ayodhya on gulkan’s behalf. He says it is okay, gulkan is his wife and he has to take her along.

Payal looks at her medals and pics with dad and smiles. Alka comes and thanks her for getting

back Rajath’s jewelry. Payal says she did what she felt good. She gets sad then and says she is not feeling good leaving her house and also is happy that she is getting married. Alka says it is common in all girl’s life. Payal says she is habituated to mom’s pampering and her scoldings and don’t know how she will survive in her sasural without her. Indu hears that and gets emotional, comes in and says though she has scolded her always, she loves her a lot and wants to see her happy, asks her to call her whenever she needs her.

Natru angrily comes home and asks Santoshi what did he tell her 2 days ago. She says he scolded her, asked to serve food, remove plate, scolded again, etc.. He asks she remembers all this and does not remember he told her I love you. She shies. He asks if he thanked her for giving a son like Dev. She nods yes. He says he doubts if Dev is his son as he does not have any of his qualities. She says she is mother and he must be knowing if he is father or not. Dev asks why is he fuming. He asked to call Gulkan and Ayodhya as he wants them to be present on his most important day of life/marriage, but Gulkan and Ayodhya went out of station ignoring his invitation. Dev asks where have they gone. Natru says Mumbai.

Ayodhya and family are seen enjoying mumbai vacation. Natru tells Santoshi and Jaiswal that he has sent gulkan and Ayodhya to mumbai and now Dev’s marriage will happen without any tension. Jaiswal says he is a genius. Dev comes with bag, takes blessings and says he is going to Mumbai to call bhaiya/bhabhi and will get them for his marriage for sure. Natru this his plan is getting ruined and shouts after haldi, he cannot go to mumbai. Dev says when he had gone to Ranchi, he did not object. Natru says he went for his would bride’s sake, so he allowed him, now he is going for other’s sake, so he will not allow him. Dev’s friend Rajesh gets flight tickets. Natru thinks if Ayodhya denies coming, Dev will keep quiet, so he asks Dev to call Ayodhya. Dev calls Ayodhya who says he does not want any problems in his marriage, so he came out of city with Gulkan. Dev says he does not want to listen any excuses and wants him to come here, and if he does not get flight tickets, he will send them and even speak to Gulkan. Ayodhya agrees to attend his marriage. Dev gets happy.

Precap: Dev informs Payal that his brother’s name is Ayodhya prasad. She reminices goon Ayodhya and asks what does he do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is the most disabled show I have seen.No kind of substance,no imagination.Names are too long and hard to pronounce.Very,very boring.

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