Service Wali Bahu 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Dev calling Payal and asking her to wish him good luck. She wishes him good luck and asks the reason. Just then, he is called for second round of interview and completes it successfully. Management informs him that he has cleared managerial interview. Dev’s friend says Payal’s wishes are very lucky for him. Another candidate cries and tells him that his mom is ill and if he gets job, he can get her treated. Dev asks management to give job to another candidate and walks out. Friend asks why did he do that. He says Payal would have asked to do the same seeing candidate’s situation, so he did the same.

Payal thinks why Dev was asking her to wish good luck and calls him to the reason. He thinks she would feel bad if she will know that he rejected

the job offer, so he tells he was filling form, so he needed her good luck. Payal thinks Dev must be filling his student’s form and asks why he needed good luck to fill form. He says it was bank exam form and very difficult to get, he got it but gave it someone needy. She thinks he is so good.

Jogeshwar/natru writes invitation list and tells his wife santoshi/bhaktan billi that he will not call anyone who knows Gulkan, else they will inform Gulkan. She says he is right and asks him to invite particular relative who fought with Gulkan. Dev comes home. Natru asks why did he go out after his haldi. Santoshi also with her usual overacting tells same. Natru says he has reduced marriage expensed not to trouble Bhuvaneshwar and family. Dev smiles. Natru says he has even excluded Ayodhya and Gulkan from list. Dev says he did not oppose his decisions till now, but on his marriage, he wants to invite Ayodhya bhaiya and bhabhi. He says Ayodhya taught him walking and face the world, so he will not marry without. He gets up to go and invite them. Natru thinks of s.topping him and says he will go and invite them personally. Dev hugs him happily. Natru winks at Santoshi, signals he is lying.

Payal gives tea to Rajath and says when he will come to her house, she will serve him tea like this. He gives her LIC papers and till now she was paying premiums and he could not do anything. He says from hereon, he will fulfill his duties and apologizes her for his misbehaviors and asks if she will love him like this even after her marriage. She asks him not to tell this and says he will be her brother always. He says he is remembering childhood days and don’t know how will he live without her. She says just like she will stay and is afraid of leaving this house. He says he will be always with her and is just a call away. She says she wants to give him something and gives his gold jewelry and says this was given to him by Alka’s parents with great love and respect, she got it released from where he pawned them, now he should accept them and return her earns more money. He says he is proud of his sister. She says in childhood, they used to help each other, now she is doing the same.

Natru calls Ayodhya and asks if his mumbai plan is set. Ayodhya asks why did he call. Natru says Dev wanted to come personally and invited him and Gulkan, he handled the situation with great difficulty. Ayodhya asks him not to worry, he will leave for Mumbai with gulkan soon. He turns back and sees Gulkan standing.

Precap: Dev tells Jogeshwar and Santoshi that he is going to Mumbai to bring back Ayodhya and Gulkan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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