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Service Wali Bahu 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi serving tea to Payal. Payal asks why did she work when she is there. Santoshi says until she is alive, she wants to work. Payal asks her to think negative. Santoshi says she will not die so early as she wants to see her children and Guddi’s marriage.

While vegetable shopping, Indu’s neighbour praise Rajath that he has opened a lavish office and even took family to a costly restaurant for dinner. Indu happily agrees. They then start badmouthing that Rajath must be a robber as his source of income is unknown. Indu gets angry and asks them to stop being jealous and badmouthing others. Alka takes Indu from there.

While cooking kheer, Santoshi sees milk has spoilt. She shows it to Payal. Just then, Natru’s friends come to have

Santoshi’s prepared kheer and praises its taste. Natru also praises and asks Santoshi to bring kheer soon. He reminisces how he added lemon in milk to spoil it and thinks he will definitely take control from Santoshi.

Santoshi asks Payal if they should bring weets from market and thinks it is an extra expense.

Ayodhya’s children try to pick cricket bat from cupboard by climbing chair and pillows. Ayodhya sees it and holds his son on time. Gulkan sees that and starts yelling at him that he is finding chance to enter into her bedroom. he says he saw kid falling, so he entered to rescue him, else he would not like to even spit in her room. He gets call and leaves. She goes out to send children to school. She packs Ayodhya’s contract file with their books.

Payal calls Indu and asks her how to prepare rasgullas from spoilt milk. Santoshi hears recipe and prepares rasgullas herself. Payal praises her. Natru thinks of insulting her and repeatedly calls her. Santoshi brings rasgullas. Natru gets tensed and asks why did not she prepare kheer instead of rasgullas. Friend says he will taste kheer next time and will enjoy rasgullas today. Santoshi serves them rasgullas and they all eat it and praise that it is best rasgulla in Jamshedpur. Jaiswal also praises and Natru angrily looks at him. Friends say they will leave now and next time will have only rasgullas. Payal praises Santoshi that she handled situation well. Santoshi praises herself and says Natru she can handle house well now.
e thinks how to tell her it is a fake contract file.

Precap: Natru says all his plans to snatch back control from Santoshi are failing. Ayodhya says he is worried that file may go in wrong hands. Payal sees file on floor and goes to pick it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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