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Service Wali Bahu 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi worrying thinking how will they arrange 1 crore rs now. Dev says he got a job and even if he takes 1 month’s advance, it will not help them. Indu calls Payal and asks how is she. Payal says she is fine. Indu says Bhuvaneshwar told her everything and apologizes her for pushing her into hell. Payal says life has ups and downs and she knows how to get through. Indu says if she needs anything, she can call her. Network gets busy, and Payal goes out to speak.

Ayodhya holds gun and tells Natru that he will kill Phool Singh to stop him from grabbing their house. Natru asks if he has gone mad. Ayodhya says he just wants to kill phool today. Payal hears that, runs in, and informs Dev about it. Dev runs and holds Ayodhya. Ayodhya asks him to leave.

Dev says killing Phool is not a solution. Natru asks Dev to let Ayodhya go. Gulkan comes and asks Ayodhya what will happen to her and her children if he goes to jail. She asks till when he will roam behind his father like a tail. He leaves gun and goes inside.

Rajath calls don Thakur and requests him to double his contract. Thakur asks why he needs so much money. Rajath tells him about Natru’s scam and says he lost all his earned money in it and cannot do anything as it is his sister’s sasural. Thakur asks if he should do anything. Rajath says no need, just he should double his contract. Thakur says okay and cuts call. Rajath thinks if he would have been rich, nobody would have dared to do wrong to his sister.

Payal signs bhajan at home temple. Gulkan and Santoshi join her. Gulkan starts crying vigorously and tells Phool will snatch her house. Payal consoles her. They hear people shouting slogan “gali gali me shor hai, baap-beta chor hai” for natru and Ayodhy and breaking window glasses. They then start beating Natru, Ayodya and Dev. Dev asks everyone to calm down. Natru says even he is duped. People ask him to return money, else they will burn house. Payal intervenes and asks them to calm down and wait until they get their money or flat. People leave saying they will go now because of her, else they would have beaten Natru red and blue. Natru takes in family saying drama if finished now. Dev says Payal situation is worse now, they don’t know how to return money. Dev says if they will have to leave this house. Payal says if they don’t return phool singh’s money, they will have to. She says she has applied for govt quarters. He thanks her and says don’t know how Natru will react.

Natru asks Dev if he has gone mad, why will he leave his bungalow and move into match box size house. Payal says Phool singh will come and acquire their house now as 2 days are over. Natru shouts to keep her help with herself and says nobody can remove from his house. Phool enters with police and asks Natru to either return his money or his house. Ayodhya says he will not go anywhere. Inspector says if they don’t leave house peacefully, he will forcefully arrest them. Phool says he does not like court, etc. Payal challenges Phool that she will come back soon and prove his forgery. Dev says they will bring even people whom he duped. Phool says it is not a film where hero and heroine will always. Payal says soon she will prove his forgery and will send him to jail. Phool laughs on her and asks if she knows the meaning of papers and signatures, legally this house is his now.

Precap: Phool’s men kick Payal and family out of their mansion. They reach govt quarters. Payal gets a call about her personal loan approval and informs family. Phool’s goon hears that and informs Phool

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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