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Service Wali Bahu 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal playing with the kids while blindfolded. Dev sees her and smiles. She is about to fall down, but Dev runs towards her and rescues her. He gets hurt. Payal says he will put ointment on his wound. One of the kid asks Payal to kiss Dev and he will be alright. Dev and Payal get shy. Alka talks to Rajath and asks is everything going on well in his business. Rajath says he can’t bear this. He says you people think me as incompetent and will prove myself. He says I wants you to keep happy and grow my business. Alka says she just asked and was worried. Rajath asks her to help him and not doubt on him. Alka apologizes and goes to give water.

Payal applies ointment on Dev’s wound. Dev is touched by her gesture. Payal tells Dev that his student’s father is clerk

in her office. Dev says people thinks that I can’t teach poor children, because I have a coaching centre. He says I feel bad that you are feeling bad. He says I am not needed here. Payal says truth is that only you helps me in every situation. She says my papa understands me first, and then you understands me. She says I value you in my life and you will soon gets success. I have full faith on you. She says you are honest and humble man, and I am proud that you are my husband.

Jogeshwar sees the dream and becomes an Inspector. She tortures her family and cut short their expenses. He wakes up and thinks it was a horrible dream. He gets up from the bed and looks for money in the cupboard. Santoshi is seen sleeping. Jogeshwar thinks don’t know where she has hidden the money. He hides seeing Santoshi turning in sleeep. He manages to get the money and says he promises to prove his right on the money. Santoshi thinks to make tea before Payal comes. She thinks Payal does all the work alone, so decides to help her with some work. She makes tea and goes to give everyone.

Jogeshwar plans against Santoshi, to make her bad infront of Payal. She serves tea to everyone and asks for Jogeshwar. Gulkan comes and asks her to serve tea. Santoshi picks the cup and proceeds towards her. She says this tea is for Payal and not for you. I am not your servant. Guddi laughs. Gulkan taunts her and thinks Santoshi has become bold since Payal gave her money.

Jogeshwar asks Santoshi to bring kheer. Santoshi sees the milk curdled and worries how to make kheer. Payal looks on tensedly. Jogeshwar smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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