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Service Wali Bahu 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi calculating grocery budget and asks servant Basanti to cut down on unnecessary items. Natru comes for tea and asks Basanti to prepare it. Santoshi says he drinks tea 20 times a day, so he should cut it down, else his skin will be black. He tries to brainwash her by telling today Payal forgave her mistake and next time may not, so if she gives him money to run house, he will run it safely and will not let anyone know about it. She says she will not give him money and will try her best instead. Natru thinks she is taking his rivalry and will repent.

Dev goes to take tuition to a home where Rajesh referred. Lady gets him in and introduces his son Pintu. Dev asks which subject Pintu needs coaching in. she says he is weak in maths, science, and english.

Her husband comes and gets happy seeing him. He tells his wife that Dev is his boss Payal’s husband. Dev feels embarrassed. Husband asks his wife to bring snacks and cool drinks for Dev and asks Dev why did he come here. Wife says he is their son’s new tuition teacher. Husband says he cannot afford him. Dev says education is a biggest charity and he will accept whatever fees he gives. Husband says he cannot insult him by giving money, instead he will send his son to his home for free tuitions.

Rajath takes his family to his new office and tells his is the best travel agency in the locality. His assistant informs that officer owner Pandey has come. Rajath goes out and meets Pandey who asks him to pay is balance advance money. Rajath says he will pay him in 1 week as his vehicle broke off and he had to spend money in repair. Pandey agrees for 1 week’s time and leaves in his car. Assistant asks Rajath to rethink again as it is not too late. Rajath says small issues arise and they should not get afraid. He turns and sees Alka standing and gets tensed.

Jaiswal comes to meet Natru and says it is too hot outside and got drained. Natru says he will refresh him and asks Santoshi to bring tea and snacks for Jiaswal. She brings 1 tea and 2 buiscuits. Natru asks where is another cup. She says it is for Jaiswal as she already had tea some time agouse o. Jaiswal provokes him that his house is under women’s control now, earlier it was gulkan’s dowry power, next Payalha ‘s job power and now bhabhi’s power. Natru says he will spoil all their powers soon. Ayodhya comes, shows him tender file and says he will get it signed by Payal and has hired men for that.

Payal comes home from office. Ayodhya’s sons requests them to play with them before chudail comes. She asks who is chudail. They say their mom as Ayodhy and Natru call her chudail. She asks them not to tell that and starts playing with them. Gulkan sees that from balcony and shouts at children to come back. One of them slips, but Payal holds on time. Gulkan alleges Payal that she wants to control even her children now and warns her not to ever try before dragging them from there.

Precap: While playing hide and seek with children, blindfolded Payal is about to fall, but Dev rescues her. Dev in room tells he is unwanted by everyone. Payal says in this world, after her papa only he understands her and she values him the most. Natru does something in kitchen and thinks it is Santoshi’s last day today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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