Service Wali Bahu 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pandit insisting 1000 rs dakshina from Natru. Natru asks Santoshi to 1000 rs to each brahmin/pandit. Santoshi gives 1000 rs to a few, but money finishes in between. Natru asks how can it finish and says she wants to run whole house, but does not have even a bit of brain. Dev asks him to taunt mom later and to give dakshina to bhramins first and send them. Natru asks where is money. Payal brings money, gives it to brahmins and sends them.

Natru then starts again and asks Santoshi how will she run the house for the rest of money without money. She is a waste body, which he was supporting whole life. He contiinues insulting her. Santoshi starts crying and says he is right, she is fit for nothing.

Payal feels bad seeing Santoshi crying and tries to console

her. She says she did a minor mistake and she should learn from it and run the house carefully. Natru says mistake is a mistake and she is encouraging Santoshi to repeat it. Dev asks him to stop taunting. Natru says he does not trust Santoshi and cannot believe she will run house smoothly. Payal says she trusts Santoshi and if they discourage her, she will go into depression. She tells Santoshi that she is confident that she will correct her mistake and she will help her. Santoshi thanks her and asks what will she do this month. Payal says she will give her next month’s half salary as in advance with which she can run the house smoothly and rest of salary for next month. Santoshi thanks her and says she will not disappoint her. Natru, Gulkan, and Ayodhya get jealous hearing that.

Payal asks Santoshi to give her grocery list and what items are prepared at home. Santoshi gives an elaborate list of dishes. Payal says there is no need of so many items for a few people, so they will cut it down and make dishes which everyone like. Santoshi cuts it down. Payal says this is good and they will prepare list. Santoshi thanks her for trusting her. she then says every month Natru’s friends come to have kheer poori.

Payal gets ready for office and comes out of house. Dev gives her good news that he is going to take tuition in chaibasa and thanks her for trustnig his mom and help her regain her confidence. He continues praising her and leaves in his bike.

Precap: Santoshi tells Natru he should cut down on his tea as she wants to prove that she can run house smoothly. Payal rescues Gulkan’s son from falling. Gulkan yells at her that she wants to snatch even her children. Natru tricks Santoshi again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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