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Service Wali Bahu 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gulkan getting angry after knowing Ayodhya mortgaged the house for work and yells at him. She tries to break pot on his head and says you can even mortgaged your kids and wife. Ayodhya gets angry and shouts at her. Natru says he mortgaged the house as the profit will be very much. I will return the money to Phool with the flat bookings. Gulkan asks what about his brother. Ayodhya shouts that this house is in his dad’s name and he can do anything and nobody should question. Natru takes him and leaves, leaving Gulkan fuming.

Bhuvaneshwar asks Rajath if he is under a lot of work pressure. Rajath holds his hand and says he can trust him, he will fix everything in a short span. Bhuvaneshwar says he should not forget himself in a race of success.


come to Natru’s house for flat bookings. He asks Santoshi to bring tea and snacks for guests. Dev and PAyal silently stand and watch their drama. Natru asks Ayodhya to ask people who are watch them if they believe now them or not. Ayodhya says in 2 hours, he booked 10 flats. Natru asks Santoshi to prepare a sumptuous dinner and not a diet food with someone’s salary (payal). Payal gets tensed.

Phool’s man watches Natru’s moves and informs him that booking is happening fast. He sends him to keep a watch on them and tells his assistant to send his more people to book flats and says if they come to repay 90% of his debt, he will transfer Natru’s whole property in his name.

Dev informs Rajesh that he is tensed as he was expecting tuition fees, but did not get it yet. Rajesh says he can take up a full time job and gives an idea. Dev likes it.

Ayodhya asks Dev to become his partner instead of doing small time jobs. Dev rejects his offers and thanks him for considering him.

Natru counts money and tells Ayodhya that they will earn 12-15 crores profit even after paying Phool’s debt. Dev reaches Payal’s office. Payal tells him that he inquired about Phool and he seemed to be a bad person. Satish tells him how Phool gives money on interest and grabs their properties. Dev thinks of informing natru.

Natru is busy booking flats and client asks him for discount. He says 90% flats are booked and if he delays, he will lose even those. Client books and asks if he will complete project on time. Natru says of course. Dev with Payal reaches home. Natru taunts them that they don’t trust him, but he is minting money. He leaves with Ayodhya to Phool’s office.

At phool’s office, his assistant serves him a lot of snacks. He asks why so much. Phool insists. Natru eats snacks and Ayodhya gives him 4 crores to Phool.

Precap: Phool comes to arrest Natru and Ayodhya for selling flats made on lease land and ask Payal if she did not know about all this. Clients says she knows all. Phool says he had given them 15 days and have only 2 days left to repay his debt, else he will take over their house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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