Service Wali Bahu 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jogeshwar/natru and Santoshi’s jokergiri in the morning. They both exercise in their parking lot. Natru says he is happy that his plans did not feel. She says until Gulkan is there, their plans will fail and they both start argument. They hear someone singing, enter house and are surprised to see Payal singing and doing pooja. They both start their overacting. After pooja, Payal touches their feet and take blessings. They both start praising her. Payal says her mom taught to do pooja in the morning and then take elder’s blessings. They both praise her sanskaars/upbringing again and asks her to teach it to Guddi. Payal says she wants to cook breakfast. Santoshi says there are many servants who can cook breakfast. Payal says her mom told to take care

of family and cooking. Santoshi says as she wishes. Payal leaves. Santoshi says they are getting more than what they thought. Natru says they needed monthly salary, but are getting bonus along with it.

Indu serves breakfast to Bhuvaneshwar and Rajath. Bhuvaneshwar asks where is Neelu. She went out to practice. She sees Payal’s place empty and asks Alka to serve Payal’s plate, then gets sad that Payal has left after marriage. Bhuvaneshwar says their dream came true of getting their daughter married in a good family. Alka says she is happy that Payal got married, but is also tensed thinkinf if Payal got adjusted in her new family and if her in-laws are taking care of her or not. Alka says Payal is very brave and must be happy.

Payal in kitchen takes servants help in preparing breakfast. She asks basanti to cut vegetables short for better taste, then asks her to give some spices. Banasti thinks where she kept spices and gets them late. Payal says she should keep spices in spice box. She asks sugar, but both Basanti and Jugnu get confused where they kept sugar bottle. Payal reminisces Indu teaching her how to arrange kitchen items. She tells Basanti they should arrange kitchen items after breakfast. She asks servants to keep breakfast on table and leaves. Basanti tells Jugnu for the firs time new bahu came into kitchen in the morning.

Payal’s courier comes at Bhuvaneshwar’s house and Rajath receives it. Bhuvaneshwar asks to check if it is important. Rajath sees bank loan letter and asks Bhuvaneshwar why did he lie that he bought him a car when Payal bought it.

Ayodhya tells Payal that he wants to correct his mistake and asks her to forgive him. She says repenting is more important. She gets her assistant Satish’s call and asks him to send office car from tomorrow.

Sonu and Bunty run and sit in natru and Santoshi’s laps. Gulkan comes running behind them and ask why are they sitting in natru and bhaktin billi’s lap instead of getting ready for school. Children ask natru and santoshi if their name are natru and bhaktin billi. They say no. Payal asks children to go and get ready as she has prepared milk shake for them. They say they will not go to school. Gulkan says they are her children and will listen only her way. She gives them money and takes in to get ready. Payal thinks she has to correct whole family. She goes to her room and sees servants carrying Dev’s items to guest room.

Precap: Dev tells his family that he will own a coaching center soon and will stop studying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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