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The episode starts with Natru yelling at Payal for not preparing well before pandits come. He continues yelling that she always does mistake and forgets. Santoshi apologizes him. He shouts more. Payal asks him to calm down, calls Dev and says mom arranged 1 brahmin’s dakdshina and food, but 11 came, so he should go to market and bring some gifts for them. Dev leaves for market while Payal goes to kitchen with Santoshi to prepare food. Natru smirks with Ayodhya.

Rajath brings his whole family blind folded to a new location and says it is his new office and he rented it. Indu says she is happy seeing his growth. Rajath’s assistant says it is Chaibasa’s posh locality and how will he pay rent when their business is not working well. Rajath says with good location,

their business will prosper manifolds.

Santoshi sees soaked chana spoiled and worries what to do now. Payal says they will prepare bottle guard sabji.

Pandit asks who will sit for pooja. Gulkan says she will as this hosue is bought from her brother’s money. Pandit says her husband should sit with her then. Ayodhya sits with her. Santoshi comes and informs Natru that soaked chana spoilt. He goes to kitchen and asks Payal what happened. Payal asks him not to worry as she is preparing kaddu/bottle guard sweets. Dev also comes. Natru scolds Santoshi for not arranging food for 11 pandits and asks how will she run the house now. Gas gets over. Natru scolds Santoshi that she did not check gas cylinder. Dev asks him not to scold mom and says he will get gas from outside.

Ayodhya reminisces Natru spoiling chana and telling along with chana, Santoshi’s dreams will also spoil. He says they have to remind ladies their real position often and tomorrow Santoshi’s position will be shown and Payal will realize she did a mistake by not giving him money to run house.

Dev brings cylinder on time. Santoshi praises him while Natru gets irked. Cylinder man asks 1500 rs for black market cylinder. Santoshi yells but gives him money. Natru asks Payal to prepare prasad/bottle guard sweets soon and joins pooja. Santoshi informs him to ask panditji to extend pooja as prasad is not yet prepared. Pandit asks for prasad. Natru smirks thinking prasad will not come, but Payal arrives with prasad thalis and gives them to panditji. Santoshi relaxes that Payal handled situation well on time.

Pandit finishes pooja and requests for the feast. Payal and Dev serve all pandit food and they enjoy it. Pandit then asks to give dakshina. Natru asks Santoshi to bring dadkshina. Santoshi brings clothes for them with 100 rs note. Pandit asks 1000 rs dakshina and says they have such a lavish house and should make them happy with better dakshina.

Precap: Natru asks Santoshi to give dakshina. She says she does not have money now. He scolds her that she cannot handle expenses well.
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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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