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Service Wali Bahu 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev seeing Payal sad and thinking she must be sad due to Natru’s increased misbehavior now a days. He enters her room and asks if she is missing her parents. She says yes. He says her face shows her sadness. Payal says she is thinking why Natru and Ayodhya borrowed 5 crores from Phool for their project and why Phool easily gave them money, hopes they are not doing anything bad. Dev says we will attend bhoomi pooja tomorrow and find out.

In the morning, Dev and Payal reach Natru and Ayodhya’s bhoomi pooja venue. Phool also comes with gifts and sweets and gives it to them. He asks how did they buy such a big lang in such a less money. Ayodhya says if he is starting such a big contract, he had to use his brains. Natru asks everyone to sit for pooja.

Bhuvaneshwar and family also come in and Natru asks how can they are there. Dev says since he was busy, he invited them on their behalf. Natru says he did good and greets them in.

Rajath asks Dev if Ayodhya started this project suddenly or he was working in it before. Dev says suddenly. Guddi contzsays it is good Ayodhya’s project started, else they were tired of borrowing money from Payal. Bhuvaneshwar asks when Dev’s coaching classes are going well, why did they need Payal’s salary. Payal interferes and says she was just helping family. Santoshi takes Guddi from there and scolds her for trying to tell their secret. Natru comes and she tells about Guddi’s mistake. Natru says if they would have heard it, they would have taken Payal home and he wants same. Payal hears that and feels devastated.

Pooj starts and pandit asks Ayodhya and Gulkan to sit for pooja. Payal continues feeling sad reminiscing Natru’s words. Dev sees her sad face and thinks she is sad as he invited her parents. He apologizes her and says he did not mean to hurt her feelings.

Phool gets a call and leaves pooja venue after informing Dev that he got some important work. Pandit finishes pooja and asks everyone to stand for aarti. Natru asks Dev where is Phool. Dev says he got some important call and left. Natru says now pooja is done and let us see who will book flats first. Rajath comes in front and says he needs top floor’s flat. Payal gets tensed. Indu says Rajath is earning well and it is good if we get our own house. Rajath gives 5001 rs as shagun to Ayodhya and he enters his name.

Pandit asks Natru to bring kheer puri to serve it to god. Natru asks Santoshi who says she did not bring prepare. Payal says she will go home and prepare it. Dev leaves along with her. Payal starts preparing kheer puri, Dev tries to help her and burns his hand. She gets tensed and starts nursing his wound. Phool enters with his goons to give remaining 2 crores to Natru and Ayodhya and does not find anyone. He calls Natru and Ayodhya, but they don’t pick call. Ayodhya calls back and Phool says he came to his house to clear remaining 2 crores of his house mortgage. Dev and Payal come out and are shocked to hear that. Phool says he will send his man with money.

Precap: Phool gets tensed that Ayodhya is getting a lot of flat bookings. Dev informs family that Natru and Ayodhya mortgaged their house for 5 crores for their project.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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