Service Wali Bahu 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithilesh telling Gulkan to inform him, if her inlaws’ do something to her. Gulkan says she is Gulkan and they have to get scared of me. Mithilesh’s wife asks Gulkan to think again if she wants to say here. Gulkan says she has to stay here and fight with them. She says if I go from here then they will get strong in the society. Bhabhi asks her to take care and leaves. Once they leaves, Gulkan asks her inlaws to think about new tricks. The servant asks Payal and Dev to stay there itself, and goes and informs Dev’s parents. Gulkan taunts them. Santoshi welcomes them and does their aarti. She says you people are looking tired. Dev asks them to stop acting and says you are black spot on the society. He says you people wants bahu’s monthly salary. He says you people

are greedy and wants to take dowry. He says you put my life on stake with Payal. He asks whether money is everything for you. You has stoop so low.

Dev says he is very sad to have them as his family. He says I should have been orphaned. I feel bad thinking you are my family, but feel proud of Payal as she married me after knowing all the truth. He threatens everyone saying no one shall take advantage of Payal, else no one is bad than him. Santoshi, Jogeshwar and ayodhya looks on tensedly. Gulkan claps and says this is a thing. She says I feel good seeing Dev. I am very happy as dev can fight for his wife. She asks Ayodhya and Jogeshwar to learn something from Dev and gives her bangles to them. Jogeshwar checks the bangles and throws as it is artificial.

Payal thinks Dev took blamed on himself, but he is innocent. She thinks Dev is really a good man. It would have been difficult for me to live here if you are also same like them. She says you are my support system. Payal comes to Dev and tries to say….Dev says don’t tell me that I am wrong. They deserves this. Payal says you don’t deserves to sleep on the terrace. Dev says I am guilty of you. He says until I prove suitable for you, I won’t sleep in our room. Payal is sad. Dev goes. Payal gets teary eyed.

Santoshi and Ayodhya are upset. Jogeshwar asks her whether someone has died. Ayodhya says he would have given a fitting reply to Gulkan and Mithilesh. He says Dev insulted them being their family member. Jogeshwar says Gulkan and Mithilesh can’t do anything to them. He says Dev is not like us. He says we got him married to his love, but he is angry with us. He says Payal is Lakshmi. We have to control her with our love, then only she will give her salary to us. He laughs and imagines riding in the car. Santoshi imagines enjoying with him in the car because of Service Wali Bahu. Jogeshwar says he is very happy with service wali bahu as she keeps money in his hand every month. He tells Shahrukh khan’s dailogues of Om Shanti Om. Jogeshwar says he is seeing the advantages of Service Wali bahu. Won’t she do this for us.

Santoshi tells Jogeshwar that she is scared about Dev’s words. Payal does the aarti and sings Payo Jo Maine Ram Ratan…….Santoshi and Jogeshwar get happy seeing Payal adjusting to home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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