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Service Wali Bahu 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulkan confronting goons and beating them with her shoes. Goons runs and she runs behind them holding her shoes. Goons clash with Dev and run again. Dev then stops Gulkan and asks why is she running behind them. Sister says goons eve teased her, so Gulkan confronted them. Dev also gets angry. Sister stops him. Dev asks Gulkan she was fighting with family at home and now she is protecting them. Gulkan says it is her wish how to behave with her family, but if someone eyes on them, she will not keep quiet.

Govt officer comes to meet Ayodhya and informs that he cannot give him contract. Ayodhya sees servant carrying cow’s feed and forces officer to drink it. Dad laughs seeing this. Ayodhya tells officer that he needs contract, else he will make his

life hell. Once he leaves, dad tells he did right and asks to keep an eye on officer. Ayodhya says his biggest problem is Gulkan, it is already late and she has not yet come home. Dad says they are surviving lavish life on Gulkan’s dowry money and if they dont plan anything soon, they will be on road. Either he should get a big contract or regular income before that.

Payal goes to a club and asks her assistant why did motor company manager called her here instead of calling at office. Assistant says manager is having some work here, so he called her here and this time he did not make any mistake as he is carrying his specs with him now. A pregnant lady who is sitting nearby gets up from sit to drink water. Ayodhya comes and sits on lady’s seat. Lady comes back and says this seat is hers. Ayodhya takes even opposite seat and asks her to go home and rest. Payal gives her seat to lady and tells Ayodhya is a low class man. Ayodhya asks his goon if govt officer comes here. He says yes. Ayodhya says he did gave contract to rival contractor, so he will teach him a lesson today. Officer comes and smiles at his pregnant wife when he sees Ayodhya and runs. Ayodhya follows him and beats him ruthlessly. Officer pleads to spare him as his wife is pregnant. Payal reaches there with officer’s wife. Ayodhya asks officer to remove his clothes. Payal intervenes and says he should not misbehave with others. Ayodhya asks who is she. She says it is none of his business and asks her assistant to call police. Ayodhya says he is not afraid of policed and is about to hit officer again when payal rescues him. Ayodhya angrily leaves. Manager comes there and and payal introduces herself as Payal rai. Ayodhya reminisces speaking to her over phone.

Manager gives vehile’s test drive to Payal and drops her at club back. Payal walks on road and her dupatta covers Dev’s face. Dev gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Payal feels embarrassed seeing him staring her and tells she should not walk so carelessly. He continues staring at her and holds dupatta. She asks him to leave her dupatta. He gets conscious and says he is Dev. Payal thinks he is motor company manager’s assistant and says they can sit and talk. He gets confused. She asks where to write her details. He asks why. She writes on paper and hands over to him. Dev’s friend comes and takes him. Manager comes with his assistant and introduces him. Payal is surprised.

Precap: Dad tells Ayodhya if Payal marries Dev, they will get regular income home and Payal may even get Dev a govt job, they will get service wali bahu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. so this show is only about a family looking for money from women!?!?? 1 from a dowry which bit them in the ass, now they want to take another’s woman monthly paycheck!?!??! Is this show for real!?!?!? I thought it was just about a woman who is the ideal daughter in law taking care of her family…instead it is about one family’s (Dev’s) greed and they trying to get it marrying off their sons. Awful awful show!!!! Payal will be trapped in that greedy bullying family…nonsense!!!!


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