Service Wali Bahu 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starsts with Payal consoling Dev and telling she is with him and will never let anything bad happen to him. Dev says he agrees that she is with him always and he is thankful for that, he repeats thank you so much. He sadly hopes he could have done something for her. Payal says he has done a lot for her, he stood with her always, so she wants to ask him something which he should not deny. He promises. She says nobody can be better husband than him, now she wants to take their relationship a new step and become bestfriends forever. She extends friendship hand and he happily grabs it.

Bhuvaneshwar does not find Nelu at home and asks Indu where is she. Indu says she has gone for her practice and yells why instructor makes her practice so much. Bhuvaneshwar says she is

an athlete and has to practice. Rajath comes with silver utensils and gives it to Indu. He asks her to perform pooja from these utensils. Bhuvaneshwar jokes that he is bribing god, but go does not accept bribe and will punish for every mistake. Rajath gets sad and gets into his room. Indu scolds Bhuvaneshwar for irking her son and sends Alka to bring him back.

Natru with Ayodhya reaches contractor’s office and gives him 3 crores. Contractor says he needs at least 8 crores for his land, else he can give it on lease for 99 years. Natru agrees. Phool looks at natru’s signed papers and tells his assistant that he was expecting natru to read papers, but he did not, now he can easily grab his house for nonpyament of debt.

Natru gives money bundles to Santoshi and says it is for daily expenses and she can spend lavishly and not like Payal’s monthly salary which she has to spend cunningly. Payal enters with Dev and sadly asks how can he say that when she is also family member of this house. Natru says then why did she insult him during birthday party. Dev interrupts, but Natru yells at him and leaves asking Santoshi to keep money safely in locker.

Santoshi opens locker to keep money and is shocked to see house property documents missing. Guddi says only she and Natru have house documents. Santoshi says she does not know who took it. Guddi calls Natru and says mom lost property documents. Gulkan starts shouting at Santoshi that this house is made from her brother’s money and she lost documents. Santoshi asks Natru if he took documents. Natru denies and scolds her that she cannot handle documents and is dreaming of handling house. Payal asks Santoshi to calmly check. Ayodhya thinks original documents are with Phool and he has a photocopy, but how to keep it in front of everyone. He informs Natru. Natru takes documents, keeps them between saris acting as searching them and shows everyone that Santoshi carelessly kept them here. Payal thinks she did not find papers here till now, then how come natru got it. Natru continues scolding Santoshi and she starts crying. Naru then invites everyone for Ayodhya’s project’s bhoomi pooja and also says whoever wants to go to office or attend interviews can do.

Natru invites someone for bhoomi pooja over phone and tells Ayodhya that soon they will rule this house, they dont have to wait for Payal’s salary or hear Gulkan’s yelling. Now they will show that they are most important in this house. Ayodhya says he wants to break Payal’s ego. Natru says once his project is successful, it will be a tight slap on Payal’s face and her dignity will be shattered.

Precap: Guddi badmouths about Payal in front of her family and tells they were suffering financially under her rule and now with Ayodhya’s project starting they are seeing money rain. Natru says Santoshi he wants Payal to be out of this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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