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Service Wali Bahu 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulkan coming in palanquin instead of Dev’s mom. Dad’s friend asks where is mom. She says she is coming. Mom comes dressed as bride with 2 ladies. Guest asks when uncle came on horse like a groom, why did she come walking instead of coming in palanquin. She says she came in this house walking when she got married, so she wanted to come walking even now. Everyone clap and Gulkan gets jealous. Dad and mom exchange garlands and then cut a hug e cake. They then sit on stage like bride and groom.

Gulkan to crate a drama asks DJ to play a s*xy song. He plays Ye dunya pittal di…baby doll mai sone di…song. She dances s*xily in a mujra style while Ayodhya and family watch angrily. Men join her and throw money on her. Irked Ayodhya stops

music and drags her fromt he party venue. She stops and slaps him in front of all guests. Ayodhya shouts. She asks him to dare not touch her, else she will cut his hand and stuff it in his back.

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Gulkan walks into her room after slapping Ayodhya. Her sister-in-law follows her and asks why did she slap her husband. She says she brought a huge dowry and have come to rule.

Dad Jogeshwar tells his friend that he did mistake by taking drowy from Gulkan as she is trying to rule over them arrogantly. Friend says there is nothing wrong in dowry. Jogeshwar says time has changed and dowry is a menace now, girls think the can do anything after paying dowry.

Payal calls on Dev’s phone and Ayodhya picks it. She tells she is Payal and works as engineer in PWD, asks if he will do his work or not. Ayodhya says he has gone out and will let him know once he comes back. She scolds and cuts call. Jogeshwar tells his friend that he needs service wali bahu for Dev as she will earn money whole life. Ayodhya gives Dev phone and says a girl has called. He says someone wants to buy car and by mistake called him, he does not even know who she is. Ayodya says her name is Payal and she is PWD engineer.

Payal tells Bhuvaneshwar that she had spoken to an executive regarding car loan, but he did not pay heed at all. He says she can complain to her boss. She says he may lose job, so she does not wan to and is thinking of taking someone else’s help. Dad smiles and tells Neelu that her sister is so sensitive. Mom comes and asks dad why don’t he spend time with his son instead of always being with daughters. He says he can speak to son whole life, but daughters will go to their homes after marriage soon. Payal and Neelu get emotional and hug him.

Gulkan comes down and asks Ayodya that she wants to have kulfi outside. He gets irked and says there is a lot of sweets at home. She shouts at him. Dev says he will take her out and leaves. Dad who is very irked asks Ayodhya to do something to this arrogant woman. He says he has taken dowry from her, now he wants her to take her to cliff and push her down or get her accident. Mom asks how can he think about his bahu like this. He asks her to go to her room yelling.

Dev takes Gulkan and his sister out to a kulfi shop. Sister says she needs rabdi jalebi. Dev leaves to get it from nearby shop. Two goons come and start misbehaving with sister. Gulkan comes to her rescue and confronts goons.

Precap: Dev and Payal clash on road. She asks why is he walking so carelessly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is the significance of a dowry ,will someone who knows about this explain it to me please.I am trying my best to get inside of the story teller.Cannot comment too much as yet.

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