Service Wali Bahu 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Service Wali Bahu 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ayodhya showing house to Phool and his men. Phool says his men that house is very good and he will get it at any cost.

Dev tells Natru that Payal is right, that man does not seem to be good. Payal says she meets many people in her office who behave sweet, but are arrogant and culprits in real. Natru says whatever they say, he will do what he has decided. Phool tells Ayodhya that he will sign deal. Dev asks Natru what deal he is talking about. Natru thinks if they stay here, he won’t be able to sign deal, so he will take Phool out and sign deal. He stops Phool outside and says his family ladies will get tensed if they know about mortgage, so he will keep it secret until Ayodhya’s business starts booming. Phool says he brought 3 crores and rest

he will give after signing final agreement papers. He gives temporary agreement papers, shows 3 crores and asks him to sign papers before muhurath gets over. Natru is about to sign when Ayodhya stops him and asks him to read papers once. Phool says he came with money for them and they don’t trust him, once muhurath gets over, he will not sign deal.

Natru is about to sign deal again when Payal and Dev come out and see money bag and papers. Devz asks what is all this. Phool thinks to keep Payal and Dev busy while Natru signs papers. He gets them busy, gets apers signed b y Natru and leaves. Dev asks why did he get so much money. Natru asks him to mind his business and goes in with money bag.

Payal tells Gulkan that she feels there is somethign wrong with this deal as nobody will give so much money. Gulkan yells that her husband is going to do business, but she wants to stop it. Dev says Payal is right. She yells that he cannot understand all this as he is jobless and waste body of this house. She continues yelling at them and goes to her room.

Payal gets Satish’s call and leaves for office. She informs Santosh and leaves thinking Dev felt very bad hearing Gulkan’s taunt and she will console him after coming back home.

Phool asks his men to keep an eye on Natru and Ayodhya and laughs boasting himself that he will loot both money and house.

Santoshi asks Dev not to feel bad about Gulkan’s taunt. He says she told truth, he is waste body, he tries a lot to get job but is uncesuccessful. He is just worried about Payal as she is suffering because of him. Payal calls him just then and asks him to come and pick him from office as her official car is broken. Dev says he will and leaves informing Santoshi. Payal thinks she lied Dev to console him here as she cannot at home.

Natru and Ayodhya reach contractor’s office and give him 3 crores. Contractor gives Ayodhya contract papers and asks to read it carefully. Natru says that means our deal wont be done. Phool’s men spy them and listen to their whole conversation.

Dev reaches Payal’s office. She makes him sit and asks him not to feel bad about Gulkan’s taunts, she is sure he will reach his destiny soon and is also confident that he will protect her always.

Precap: Contractor gives Natru land deal on 99 years lease in exchange of 3 crores. Natru happily goes home and gives money to Santoshi for household expenses and says it is not payal salary that she has to cut expenses, she can spend lavishly. Santoshi tells Naru that property documents are missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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