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Service Wali Bahu 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asking what is she hiding. She nervously says nothing. He says mom told what Natru told and says Natru is crossing his limit day by day and will never change, so she does not need to help him. Payal says Natru will change seeing her goodness and if she stops giving her salary, how will Santoshi run this house.

Natru and Ayodhya go to a financier Phool’s office and wait fo him. They see many people including begger coming out of cabin and praising financcier and thinks god gives money to incompetent people except him. Peon then asks natru and Ayodhya to go in. They both get in and financir calls their name correctly. He asks what would they like to have. They say nothing. He insists they have to and requests them to sit. Natru sits and asks if

he believes in god so much. Phool says because of god he has high contacts with commissioner, etc. He asks what they need. Natru says he wants to do a big business and for that he needs 5 crores rupees and he will mortgage his house in exchange. Phool asks how can he mortgage his house. Natru says he has to. Financier says he will come and inspect his house in the morning. Natru thinks everyone would be at home at this time, but he has to. He says fiancier Phool that he can come. Phool asks them to have snacks now. Natru says he will have snacks with him in the morning. Once he leaves, Phool tells a witty dialogue.

At night, Natru and Ayohdya discuss that Payal will fail their plan if she will know that they are mortgaging this house. Natru turns and is shocked to see Payal standing. He gets afraid thinking Payal must have heard something. PAyal says she wants to speak to him. He says he does not want to. Payal sadly leaves.

In the morning, Natru and Ayodhya wait for Phool. Phool enters with his men. Natru introduces whole family members to him and asks if he found difficulty in finding house. Phool says he built such a lavish palace like house, he could find it easily. He asks how much did he spend on it. Natru says he spent his whole’s life’s savings on it. He sends Ayodhya to show house. Payal things something is wrong. Gulkan also asks same. Natru says he wants to build same house for himself, so he is looking at each thing. Payal tells Dev that the man looks greedy. Natru shouts at her not to interfere her PWDgiri in his issues and to keep away.

Precap: Phool shows Natru 3 crores and asks him to sign papers. Dev and Payal are shocked to see the drama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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