Service Wali Bahu 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev coming to his room inebriated and telling Payal he does not want to bound her in lie, hence she can leave him and go back to her house. He says he loves her a lot, but does not want to force her in this relationship. He walks out saying he will come in the morning. Payal is sound asleep in sitting position and does not hear any of his conversation.

Natru and Santoshi see Dev inebriated and Santoshi starts crying that her son was so sober, but today he is drunk. Natru says even he is not understanding why Dev is drunk and going towards terrace. She asks what must have happened. He says Payal is a service wali bahu and must have asked him to get out of room. She yells that Payal showed her true colors and does not know her son is a diamond. He says what

if she wants to divorce Dev knowing all this and in the morning sends divorce papers. They get afraid seeing Gulkan standing who asks if they are not ashamed to spy on own son and tells natru that he is worst than 40 women with all bad qualities, now she will not let them in peace and fail all their plans. Santoshi gets afraid and asks natru what will happen now. He asks her not to worry as he will plan and kill Gulkan.

In the morning, servant sees Dev sleeping on terrace and wakes him up. Dev asks what time is it. She says 9 a.m. Santoshi calls servant Basanti and she leaves. Dev thinks by now Payal must be ready to leave to her parent’s house as he asked her to go last night or already must have left.

Payal prepares breakfast in the morning. Santoshi and Guddi are shocked to see her cooking. Santoshi acts as getting very happy. Payal says she is doing kitchen ritual. Santoshi says Guddi since yesterday’s drama, she thought Payal will go back to her parent’s house, but she is preparing food now. Guddi says she should go and help bhabhi. Santoshi asks Payal to let her help. Payal says she she wants to perform ritual herself. Santoshi continues her overacting. Dev sees Payal in kitchen and thinks she will go in the evening and once she leaves, he will explain his family. He tries to leave when Payal calls him, gives tea, and gets back to work. Santoshi gets happy seeing that. Dev confusingly sits on dining table and thinks this is Payal’s last tea and tonight she will leave his life and house forever. Ayodhya and Natru come for breakfast. Dev leaves angrily seeing them.

Indu asks Alka to prepare Payal’s fav food and set her bed as Rajath and Guddan have gone to bring Payal for pagh phera rituals. She calls Santoshi and requests her to send Dev also and tells Bhuvaneshwar that they are lucky to have Dev as damad, etc. Bhuvaneshwar says she is right.

Natru and Ayodhya discuss how to stop Payal and how to convince her. Santoshi informs them that Payal is performing all rituals silently. Ayodhya says let things go as they are, soon Payal will get back to normal. Gulkan comes for breakfast and asks basanti to bring breakfast. Natru praises Payal for preparing breakfast and asks what did she prepare. She tells dish name. Gulkan says she will try food first, tastes it and insults Payal that she does not know to prepare food and if her mom did not teach her cooking. She throws kheer bowl and continues yelling when Natru asks her to stop her rubbish and apologize Payal. Gulkan continues her mishbehavior when Rajath comes with gifts to take back payal for pagh pheras ritual.

Everyone stop seeing Rajath and start their acting. Rajath has not listened to their conversation. Natru says they are happy as Payal took care of kitchen as soon as she came. Rajath says he came to take Payal and Dev for pagh phera ritual. Santoshi asks Payal to go and get ready and also ask Dev to get ready. Natru starts conversing withh Rajath calmly.

Payal in her room asks Dev to not to inform anything to Rajath as she does not want to see her family in pain. Dev feels guilty.

Precap: Rajath insists to meet Gulkan as he did not meet her in marriage. Natru and family get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dev and Payal made for each other.. They look cute together the chemistry is visible!!!

  2. Dev shouldn’t have drunk..

  3. I think Dev is frustrated of all the deceit

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