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Service Wali Bahu 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal refusing to order Bhushan to pass the tender and says there is a procedure to follow before passing the tender. Natru says it is matter of his prestige and says you are talking about procedure. Gulkan thinks now their service wali bahu will show their place. Payal apologizes and says she can’t pass the tender. Natru asks her to pass new lake tender, and says it is in your limits. Payal asks why you are forcing me. Natru asks when you can give contract to others, then why not Ayodhya. Payal says if Ayodhya wants to get the contract then he needs to send his file, if everything is fine then he may get the contract. Ayodhya gets angry and says you have to rub your eyes on my feet. How dare you to refuse Natru. Payal asks them to understand. Natru says Payal is insulting

Father in Law and Brother in Law, and raise a question on her parents’ upbringing. Dev comes and says you are wrong. What did Payal say? If Ayodhya wants to get the contract, then he have to follow the orders. Gulkan says there is atleast a man in the house. Payal apologizes and says she can’t compromise on her values and rules. Dev says they are greedy people and understands Natru’s plan.

Dev says you are extending your limits in the party. Natru says she is not officer for him, but his bahu. Dev reminds him that he brought a bahu home and not an officer. He ends the party and takes Payal with him. Someone laugh on Natru and leaves. After everyone leaves. Ayodhya gets angry and breaks the things. Dev tells it was good that your parents left before this drama started, else what they might have thought. Payal says she is worried as their family’s prestige and name is maligned. Dev asks how can you think that. He says today is your birthday and they have ruined your birthday, but you are thinking about their betterment. Payal says it is her best birthday till date, as he planned surprise party, gift etc.

Natru asks Ayodhya to break Payal’s ego into pieces, so that she can’t pick it up all her life. He says we have to end her existence with this house. Santoshi comes to Payal and apologizes on Natru and Ayodhya’s work. Payal holds Santoshi’s hand and asks her not to apologize. Santoshi tells that they don’t respect women, and tells about Natru’s nature. Payal asks her not to worry and says she didn’t feel bad. She says I am with you like this always. She says Bapuji will understand his mistake soon. Santoshi feels bad. Ayodhya talks to someone and tells Natru about a deal worth crores. Santoshi and payal comes. Payal brings tea and apologizes to Natru, asking him to forget about the happenings in the party. Natru says you have slapped me infront of everyone and forwards his face asking her to slap. Payal is tensed and looks on shockingly.

Natru shows the house papers to Ayodhya, and says it is the only way out to get the deal. He says it will be a slap to Payal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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