Service Wali Bahu 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jogeshwar/Natru shouting at Gulkan to stop her rubbish. Gulkan asks him to back off and tells Dev if he feels his father is being insulted, he should ask him what he did. He asks first Ayodhya, then natru, then bhaktin billi/santoshi, then guddi, but they stand silently. She says Dev all his family members pushed him in fire. Dev asks each of them what is bhabhi telling. Payal thinks Dev does not know anything. Gulkan then taunts Payal that even after being an educated PWD engineer, she is the biggest fool. Dev asks her not to insult his wife. Gulkan says just after 1 day of marriage, he is taking his wife’s side and asks him to ask Payal itself what she told her. Dev asks her to tell what is the truth. Gulkan says natru and family lied and married him to

Payal. First, Ayodhya saw Payal and planned to bring a service wali bahu who can give the family every month salary as a

Gulkan continues how natru and family connned and lied Payal’s family and Dev. Natru says she is lying. Dev asks to stop lying and says he read truth in Payal’s eyes and sensed her distress, he cannot believe his own parents betrayed him and walks out out of house. Gulkan says natru and family that she will stay in this house and will fail their plans. She goes to her room and throws Ayodhya’s clothes out. Ayodhya comes. She asks him to go and find another room in the house and warns him not to enter without her permission and shuts door.

Guddi takes Payal to her room, thinks natru always traps her, now bhabhi knows everything and don’t know how she will react. She leaves telling she will send Devin. Payal starts crying vigorously.

Bhuvaneshwar and family calculate expenses of marriage. Indu reminisces abshaguns happened during marriage and tells she is worried about payal as 2 abshaguns happened. Guddan apologizes him for his mistake and asks to forget it. Indu says she does not know how Payal is. Rajath suggests bhuvaneshwar to call Payal over phone. He calls Payal. She wipes her tears and says hello. Bhuvaneshwar says he will switch on speaker as everyone wants to talk to her. Everyone start bombarding with questions. Payal says she was sleeping as she is tired. They ask how are each of family members. She says the are very good, Dev is also very good, Santoshi gave her bangles as muh dikhayi, they fed her nicely and she is full now. She cuts call saying she will rest now.

Natru tells his family that all their plans of living a lavish life are shattered now and now Dev will make their life hell. Ayodhya says it is all because of Gulkan and they have do something to her. Natru asks him to stop and says they have to make Payal believe that they are very good, else she will go back to her parent’s house. Santoshi asks why did gulkan did this just before marriage and went back to jail silently. He says he will find out about it and says first they should go and feed Payal. He and Santoshi reach Payal’s room with food and start their acting that they are too bad for not serving food. Santoshi says she must have realized by now that Gulkan is a big lier and wanted to break the marriage. They both continue and ask her not to worry about Dev as he will come back home soon, keeps food asking her to have it soon and leaves shouting at servants that they did not keep water in. Payal silently listens to their drama and feels moer sad.

Dev reaches home inebriated and apologizes her for coming inebriated and says his family did wrong to her and her family and lied. He asks her to punish him by divorcing him as marriage on the basis of lie is not valid.

Precap: Gulkan yells at Payal for not preparing breakfast well and asks when she knows Dev is unemployed, she should not do mistakes. Rajath comes and shockingly sees the whole incident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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