Service Wali Bahu 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Service Wali Bahu 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev gifting Payal a sari and bouquet as her birthday gift. Payal gets happy. Rajesh says Dev bought sari worth 5000 rs from his part time job’s full month salary. He tells how Dev worked hard and manage to earn the money. She happily accepts it and says he is looking very handsome in blazer. He thanks her and leaves. Payal enters party venue wearing Dev’s gifted sari. Bhuvaneshwar and family smile seeing her. Dev gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Ayodhya brings Bhushan with him and he greets Payal. Payal asks how come he is here. He says he is her subordinate now, so Ayodhya came to greet her. She thanks everyone present for making her birthday special. Payal does not find Gulkan and her children in party and goes to their room to bring them down. Gulkan yells

and insults her to get out of her room. Payal says this is time to forget all our differences and celebrate as a family. She says if she comes then it will be a birthday gift from her side.

Gulkan agrees and comes down with Payal. Natru thinks Gulkan may create a problem for him. Dev gathers everyone near cake, lights candles on it, and gives knife to Paya. Payal blows candles and cuts cake. Everyone clap and sing happy birthday to you. Payal tries to feed cake to Neelu, when she asks her to feed Dev first. She does and Dev also feeds her cake. She then feeds everyone and Gulkan, who accepts with frowning face.

Natru invites all guests and Payal’s family for dinner and says they will chat after dinner. Payal sees Verma and tells Satish. Satish tells that most of the people are the ones who wants to work with her and the ones they rejected to give the tender. Natru introduces the guests. They give her a gift. Payal refuses to take gift and says she didn’t know them. Natru says, but I know………Payal makes an excuse and goes. Bhuvaneshwar and Indu are happy seeing Payal being loved by her inlaws and husband. Bhuvaneshwar tells Dev that the arrangement is good and leaves. Servant finds Bhuvaneshwar’s phone and tells to Payal. Dev goes out to give the call to Bhuvaneshwar.

Natru tells Bhushan that they didn’t arrange for drinks because of Payal’s family and asks him to get tender for Ayodhya. He tells him to ask his daughter in law instead. Natru says it is in Bhushan’s hands and asks him to give tender to Ayodhya. Bhushan refuses. Ayodhya gets angry and says you have to do it anyways. He threatens him. Bhushan says you people called me here to get your work done, but I won’t come in your talks. I know that Payal is honest and I also want to work with honesty under her. Ayodhya grabs his collar angrily. Natru reminds Bhushan that Payal is his bahu, and they are her family. He says I will show my power to you.

Now your Payal Madam will order you to pass Ayodhya’s tender and you will do it. He brings him to party hall and throw in Payal’s feet. Payal asks what is this? Natru asks her to order Bhushan to pass the tender in Ayodhya’s name, and says it is matter of his prestige. He says I am your sasur and saying something. He says it is matter of house and his prestige. Payal says I will talk later about it. Natru says no, just give him order right itself, I want to see his place. Ayodhya says Natru is saying something. Payal says she can’t do this. She can’t order Bhushan. Everyone is shocked.

Natru asks her to give another contract to Ayodhya. Payal refuses. Dev says Ayodhya have to follow the rules to contract.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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