Service Wali Bahu 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi performing graha pravesh of Payal. Neighbours says Gulkan bahu. Santoshi gets afraid and asks where is she. Neighour says she is asking where is Gulkan. Natru/Jogeshwar asks Neighbor not to frighten Santoshi and asks to finish graha pravesh soon. Payal steps in red water and then steps inside house. Santoshi then takes Payal and Dev to her family god’s pic inside home. Pandit asks Payal to light a lamp. Payal lights lamp and protects it from blowing off. Pandit says Natru his new bahu protected lamp and is very lucky. Natru his bahu is very talented and intelligent and gives her thali saying he is giving responsibility of his house to her. Santoshi takes Payal in for muh dikhayi ceremony.

Ayodhya tells Natru that he feels weird that Payal

did not react seeing him. Natru asks him not to panic as he is the mastermind of all the plans and knows how to control Payal.

Neelu sees Payal’s letter on bed next to suitcase, calls whole family and gives it to Bhuvaneshwar. Bhuvaneshwar reads letter that Payal is proud of her parents and they are the best parents of world. He further reads her praise for each family member and reads about gifts for each family member. Neelu gives gifts to each family member with letter for each of them. Indu reads her letter that she always gets tired working hard and gets knee pain, she massages her knees daily, but from today she is sure Alka and Neelu, so she has gifted her some pain balms. Bhuvaneshwar gets pill box, Alka cookery book, Neelu sports kit, Rajath wallet, and Guddan grey safari suit. They all get emotional. Bhuvaneshwar says just like she took care of everyone here, he is sure she will take care of her in-laws also.

Santoshi with Guddi makes Payal sit on a sofa and asks all the guests to come and see Payal’s face. Guddi asks Dev if he got a gift for Payal to give before suhaagraat. He says he forgot and asks her to get one. Guests praise Payal’s beauty and one of them keeps 101 rs as shagun. Santoshi says her bahu is PWD engineer and deserves at least 1001 rs. Dev asks her to stop. She says she was just joking. Gulkan enters with shagun and asks Payal why did she marry even after her warning. Natru and family gets worried seeing her.

Gulkan asks servants to take children in. Ayodhya thinks he sent her into jail till monday, then how did she come out and thinks something is different. She says she came here to taunt her in-laws, but is shocked to see her and says she is more dramatic than natru and family who did not even listen to her. Dev asks when did she meet Payal. Gulkan says if he had questioned before, the story would have been different. She asks Payal when she told her the truth already by risking her life and pawning her brother against her and even taking her children’s oath, she married and pushed herself into hell. Natru thinks Gulkan already told truth to Payal, but she did not do anything, before she should provoke Payal, he should stop her. He asks Gulkan why is she making drama here. She asks him to stop and back off and tells Payal again she is worst than natru and family and is believing their lies. Dev asks what is she telling. Gulkan asks him to back off, opens her box and throws snake on Natru and Santoshi. They both panic and shout. Ayodhya says it is a fake snake. Natru relaxes and asks why did she come here and asks Ayodhya to kick her out right now. Gulkan asks him to shut up and says if he ever tries to send her out, she will break his hands. Dev asks why is she misbehaving with dad. Gulkan says if he will know the truth, he will be in shock. Payal thinks according to Gulkan, Dev does not know anything, how can a family fool their own son.

Precap: Gulkan tells Dev that his family lied to him and Payal’s family and got him married to Payal as they wanted a service wali bahu instead of a dominating one like her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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