Service Wali Bahu 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Service Wali Bahu 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal speaking to Santoshi about the grah shanti puja at home. Santoshi asks Guddi to help Payal with the arrangements. Guddi makes excuse and goes to her room. Santoshi tells Payal that she will help her. Payal says she will do the work and asks her to rest. Dev says he will help Payal and asks her to rest. Santoshi gets happy and blesses them. He appreciates Dev for helping Payal. They do the work together. Payal asks Dev to and sleep. Dev says okay and goes to sleep. Payal thinks to call Indu. She calls Indu and tells that she isn’t getting time to talk on phone. She asks about the puja and asks about the things to be used in Puja. Indu tells about the things. She asks her to come with Dev and disconnects the call. Indu tells Bhuvaneshwar that Payal proved her wrong

and is taking care of house and office, both. Bhuvaneshwar gives the credit of Payal’s success to Indu’s upbringing and values.

Gulkan comes down and says you are doing this too. She says you are service wali bahu in day time and naukar wali bahu in the evening. She asks what you are doing. Payal tells that she is making preparations for Grah Shanti Puja. Gulkan says she didn’t know anything and asks they taught you to hide things from me. Payal says I was busy so forgot to tell you. Gulkan says I know what is brewing between you and Bhaktin Billi. Payal tries to speak. Gulkan asks her to stop and says I won’t let you dream come true of becoming queen of the house. She says I made Natru dance on my tune, so why can’t you. She reminds her that she is Gulkan. Payal looks on silent.

Santoshi comes out and sees mud stains on the floor. She calls Payal. Payal gets shocked and says she had cleaned everything in the night. Natru comes and says Pandit ji is left from the temple and would be reaching here soon. He is shocked to see the foot steps mud marks. Gulkan sympathizes with Payal and says she splashed water on her arrangements. Payal says she will clean the floor fast. Santoshi says you have to work me in the kitchen. Payal says she cooked something in the night. Just then Santoshi sees servants coming back home and tells God has come to our house. The servants greet them. Santoshi gets happy and asks them to clean the floor fast.

Bhuvaneshwar and Neelu ask Indu to serve them food fast. Bhuvaneshwar clicks photo of empty plate and says he will upload on facebook. Indu comes and scolds them for making an issue. Rajath calls everyone and says I have a surprise for you all. He takes them outside the house.

Payal asks the servant to change water of the chana utensils. She says it has rotten and bad smell is coming. Payal thinks how can it be possible? She gets the chana box and sees it empty. She wonders what to do with chana/pulses. Natru tells Ayodhya that he will make Santoshi use all her money, to make her feel incompetent to take care of expenses. Pandit ji comes and blesses everyone. Pandit ji asks him to do the puja. Pandit ji says they will start the puja in 10 mins. Santoshi asks what? Pandit ji calls other 10 pandits. Santoshi gets shocked to see 11 pandits. Ayodhya and Natru smirks. Pandit ji says 11 pandits are needed for this puja. Dev offers help to Payal. Payal asks Dev to help Natru. Santoshi asks how did 11 pandits come here? We didn’t make the arrangements for 11 pandits. Natru says I told you that 11 pandits will come. Ayodhya says how can you be so careless? Santoshi says I didn’t remember anything. Payal gets tensed.

Santoshi tells Natru that Payal didn’t make the prasad till now. Natru asks Payal what is Santoshi telling? Payal switches on the gas and says it is finished. She gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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