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Service Wali Bahu 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ayodhya and Natru returning 4 crores to Phool singh. Phool gets tensed. Natru says he does not want to keep debt. Ayodhya says he will leave as people will come for booking and he also needs to visit construction site. Once they leave, Phool’s assistant says they are clearing debt, soon they will be debt-free. Phool says he will never let them go from his grip.

Natru with Ayodhya reaches home and asks family members if they believe him now. Payal says Phool is a big fraud and she is afraid he may thug them. Natru yells at her and asks her to do her work while he gets busy with thug friends. Payal asks Dev how to make them believe. He says they have to gather proof.

Natru gets busy having food with family when door bell rings. He thinks customers

have come for booking and asks servant to open door. Customers rush in and start breaking things. Natru asks what are they doing. They yell that he is trying to sell them flat on a leased land. They all demand their money back and ask where will they go if govt will ransack their flats. Police inspector enters and asks who is Jogeswar/Natru Prasad and Ayodhya Prasad. Natru says he is Jogeshwar. Inspector says he did a fraud by trying to construct flats on leased land, now land will be under court’s grip and he cannot construct anything until court gives any judgement.

Reporters throng payal’s place and ask her if she knew about her family’s fraud. People say she is hands in glove. People start fighting and demand their money. Ayodhya starts fighting with them. Inspector disperses them. Payal says she will get them justice and money back and will not let them down. Inspector says they should believe Payal. People agree and leave. Inspector gives Payal court notice and she accepts it.

Phool watches news about Natru and Ayodhya’s fraud and payal interfering to solve the issue. He laughs and says with his cunning mind, he will grab their house soon.

Dev asks Natru if this was his plan and his words that he will thug people were true. Gulkan yells at Ayodhya that she thought her husband has changed, but he has not. Ayodhya asks her to stop her drama. Payal says we should stop fighting and see how to pay Phool his remaining 1 crore as house papers are in his clutch. Natru shouts that he will find out any solution as he has till 6 months left. Phool enters and says he gave him only 15 days and has only 2 days left.

Rajath watches news with his parents and shouts at them that they did not believe him and now Natru and family’s true colours are out. Bhuvaneshwar ways he will find out the reason. Rajath says he cannot do anything as Natru is fraud. He lost his hard earned money now.

Phool says Natru that he cannot wait for his money now and needs money back. Natru says he has 6 months let and will repay him. Phool says he gave them only 15 days time and shows clause in paper. Natru says he thugged them. Phool says if he does not get money in 2 days, he will take over his house.

Precap: Bhuvaneshwar and Rajath hear Gulkan’s confession that Natru got her married to Dev for her monthly salary and he needed service wali bahu. Payal panic seeing them and tries to stop them. Rajath holds Ayodhya’s collar and says if he does not return his money, he will kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Payal is such a beh beh….after all the mistreatment, she still going to put herself in trouble to fight them out of this? She and Dev need to take Santoshi and find somewhere else to live. Gulkan and her kids would go live with Gulkan’s brother. And leave Natru and his dumb dumb puppets Ayodhya and Guddi to fend for themselves. Ungrateful clan.

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