Service Wali Bahu 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Natru trying to convince Ayodhya and tells that Sonu is like interest for him. He says he likes him more than Ayodhya. He says he has a big plan and asks to drink milk to make mind work. Ayodhya refuses. Natru tells your mum used to run after you to make you drink milk, when you was a child. He asks him to drink milk with his hand. Ayodhya drinks it. Natru thinks Payal couldn’t figure out that he can stoop to such a low level to teach her a lesson.

Payal comes to the kidnapper’s den and gives money. Just then Police comes. Kidnappers scolds her for bringing the police and leaves without giving Sonu. Payal asks Inspector, who called you here? Inspector says some unidentified man called us. He says Sonu might be here only. Payal looks for Sonu and he is seen lying

unconscious on the floor. Payal rushes to him immediately. Natru gets a phone call and tells Ayodhya that their plan is successful. He says I called the Police purposefully to make everyone believe that Payal called the Police again, as she loves her duty. He says I will prove that Payal is wrong and even Dev will think her wrong. Ayodhya worries for Sonu. Natru says he is fine and boasts achieving his targets. He laughs.

Just then Gulkan comes and informs that Sonu is in hospital. Doctor asks nurse to bring antidose. Nurse informs Gulkan that Sonu has been administered with overdose of chloroform and his condition is critical. Gulkan cries and blames Payal for Sonu’s condition. Dev tries to console her and tells he will be alright. Ayodhya fumes and takes Natru from there. He asks you said that nothing will happen to Sonu, then what is it. He says if anything happens to my son then our relation is finished. And if our relation ends then you are also finished. Natru is shocked. He takes promise of his son.

Doctor comes and tells that Sonu is out of danger. Santoshi thanks the God and says she will fulfill the mannat. Gulkan insists to meet him. Doctor says after some time. Payal thanks the God. Goon gives money to Natru and says it is full amount. Natru gives his share and asks him to forward his hand to take prize. He injures his hand with knife and scolds him for Sonu’s condition. He thinks he will shaken up Payal’s identify and says she hasn’t seen my true face. Payal brings tea for Santoshi and Natru. She says she has to go to office early today. Santoshi asks her to go. She gets a phone call from Indu. Indu asks about Payal. Santoshi says you gave good values to Payal. Indu says tomorrow is Payal’s birthday, so Neelam and Rajath want to give a party.

Santoshi says it is good. Natru hears her and thinks of a plan. Indu invites the family for a party. Santoshi says we will come and disconnects the call. Indu tells Bhuvaneshwar that they are coming. Natru scolds Santoshi and tells we will not celebrate Payal’s birthday at their place. Dev overhears them. Natru says they will celebrate her birthday. Dev says we will give her surprise birthday party in the evening. Natru agrees. Santoshi also says the same. Dev leaves for some important work. Natru says party should be grand. Gulkan hears that and taunts them, referring them snake.

She says you sent me to bhaiyya’s home, on my first birthday. Now after Sonu’s kidnapping, you are planning this. Natru says we couldn’t celebrate your birthday, but now wants to celebrate Payal’s birthday. We have changed our thinking. Gulkan says Payal will pull your ego out. She says we will not join your celebrations. Natru says it is good. Natru thinks he shall use Payal and get Ayodhya’s contract.

Dev thinks to wish Payal on her birthday and thinks his idea was wrong. Payal gets blessings from everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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