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Service Wali Bahu 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal brining ransom 10 lakhs money and telling Natru that she arranged money. Dev says he will go with Payal and bring back Sonu. Natru thinks if Dev goes with Payal, his plan will spoil, so he SMSes his kidnapper goon to call Payal for ransom and asks to come alone. Kidnapper calls Payal and gives her address and asks to come alone, else he will kill Payal. She says she will come alone. She then tells Dev that she has to go alone. Natru thinks nobody can be saved from his attack.

Payal gets into car. Dev insists to accompany her, but she says she cannot risk sonu’s life and leaves alone. Gulkan stops her in the middle and accompanies her. Natru to check where she is calls her and asks if she got Sonu. She says she is on the way with Gulkan and has

informed even police. Natru SMSes kidnapper to flee from there as police is coming. Kidnapper flees with Sonu and leaves letter to Payal that she did not listen to him, so to forget Sonu now. Payal reaches kidnapper’s den and pleads to return Sonu but finds a letter there.

Payal reaches home sadly. Natru shouts at Payal that she took police and did a big mistake. She does not understand that kidnapper is a big good and is not afraid of killing or getting killed. Dev says taking police was not a bad idea. Natru shouts that Payal pushed Sonu in hell and anything can happen to him. He shouts if she has feeling of motherhood in her or not. Gulkan shouts that she does not have and played with her feelings. She continues that Payal is not worried about Sonu and just wants to boast about her PWD engineer status. She shouts that Payal is responsible for Sonu’s kidnap.

Kidnapper calls and asks Payal if she got his gift. She says she will never repeat that mistake. He says if she repeats, she should forget sonu. She informs her where to come next and cuts call. Dev asks what did kidnapper say. She tells where kidnapper called him. Natru smirks.

Payal cries standing at terrace and reminisces Natru and Gulkan’s taunts. Dev sees her crying and says he did not marry her to cry but to give the happiness of life which she deserves. He is feeling guilty that he could not give her much happiness and today’s incidence is the worst. He says she should understand that even he would have been in this situation and not to blame herself. He says even if the whole world is against her, he will be with her in each step of hers and they both will pass this phase.

Ayodhya shouts at Natru that because of him sonu has to spend night with kidnappers and not with him. He says if anything happens to Sonu in his game, he will finish his game. Natru asks him to calm down and says his grandson will be home at any cost tomorrow. Ayodhya says he does not trust Payal as she may ruin their plan.

Precap: Payal reaches kidnapper’s den. Police come there and kidnappers flee with Sonu again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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